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Shipt Grocery Delivery is Coming to Tampa, Florida

Shipt Shoppers Stories in Tampa!

Part of what fuels us here at Shipt is the fact that we have such a strong community.

We have the incredible honor of not only serving our members but also providing opportunities for shoppers. We get to help people reclaim the time that they would spend in a car or in line at the store, but we also get to supply work for people who need extra income, flexible schedules or even, just a connection to their local community in a different way.

Meet Jennifer, Christina and Alex. They’re shoppers in our Tampa market, and they are simply awesome.

Some reasons why:

  • While going on shops and picking up your deliveries, they’re making friendships with store employees and connections to fellow shoppers.
  • They’re intentional. Whether this job helps them make more time for family or makes extra money on the side, they love that they make other people’s lives easier.
  • They are all unique. Hard-working mother, horse-trainer, interior designer. We applaud you, shoppers!
  • Whether it’s 80 bananas or playing with your children while you put away the groceries, they care and enjoy going the extra mile.

Watch their stories here:


  1. Margot woodrough

    How can we work together to get wine delivered with groceries? I am willing to sign as an adult. Amazon will deliver but they are too expensive. You are missing a market niche. It would be a shame to have another company fill it. I love schipt and want to remain a customer


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