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Welcome to the Shipt Show archive where you can find all of the previous episodes of the Shipt Show! Join Patrick and Elliott as they tell you what’s new with the app, what’s going on in Shipt HQ, and even discuss what kind of beverages keep the engineering team at the top of their game.
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  1. Elizabeth Lynn

    You guys are too young to know about this, so I’m writing with some marketing ideas for you from Naples, FL. Since retiring, I’ve had to go through several orthopedic operations (on back and legs) — which is pretty common as you age. The HOME HEALTH AGENCIES who’d take care of me need to know about a service like SHIPT to recommend to their customers. So do the hospital-based rehab centers, who send patients home with recommended lists of home health agencies. And, every physical therapy office in this area should know about you.

    I live alone and would use your service in a New York minute if you’d let me order ONLINE. For many reasons, I do not have/want a smart phone. Could you let me know when/if you plan to expand your service to let folks like me order by computer, rather than by phone??


      Hi, Elizabeth! You can order online at! 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback and sharing your thoughts. We will consider these going forward.


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