#ShiptLife with Superhero Emily Ley

Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they do it? Do you wonder how they manage to balance work, family, health, and fun without some magical time-warping gadget?

Meet Emily Ley, founder and Creative Director of Emily Ley Paper and Gifts, design pro, mama of three, light and rainbows embodied.

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When we found out that Emily was a Shipt member, we had to talk to her, because well, we’re in love with her brand and her team’s mission:

“We believe everyday life doesn’t have to be ordinary. We love BIG — really big — and believe joy is truly found in the journey – in the mess, in the change and sometimes in between the sixth and seventh loads of laundry…We deeply understand that “the battle for happiness begins on the pages of our calendars” (Bob Goff) and are intentional with our time by building simplicity into our homes and by fostering joy within our families and communities. Above all, we choose what matters and will always hold ourselves to a standard of grace not perfection.”

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And, Emily lives out generosity and intention. She doesn’t compromise, just gets creative with her solutions.

“For myself, routines keep me on track. Routine helps me check the boxes I need to check and make time for the good stuff. I also think routine helps kids feel safe and secure. It helps them feel guided and cared for. I know my five-year-old in particular loves being able to know “what comes next” during the day. It gives him independence and also creates a close bond within our family.”

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“I grew up in a home where my parents both worked and my brother and I were both involved in a lot of activities. Routine and flexibility were important to our family. My mom made all the fun things we did as a family look easy. Looking back, I realize it took a lot of preparation ahead of time.

Over the years, I’ve just found what works for our family. And what works during one season of life (or even one week of life) might not work for the next. We just learn to stick to what matters most and go with the flow around here.”

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So, what does work? Emily shared some tips with us:

Routine: I think having a routine (a flexible routine) is everything. I wrote my morning routine down and taped it to my fridge so that as I’m racing around trying to get myself and all three kids ready for the day I’m able to quickly glance at it to make sure I take care of every little thing that needs to get done.

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Getting kids dressed: On Sundays, I lay out five days worth of outfits on top of my oldest son, Brady’s, dresser. He’s five years old and great at getting himself dressed and following a routine if he’s set up for success. I lay out everything he needs to get dressed and knows to choose one of the five outfits and put it on before coming downstairs for breakfast. Saves me a heap of time!

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Inbox Zero: I end my day with my inbox at zero every single day. I have a system I call “flag it or trash it.” If it needs attention, it gets a red flag and deleted (it shows up in my flagged folder still). If it is trash, it’s gone. Then, when I have time to go through my email and respond to things, I revisit the flagged folder. No trash or distraction there.”

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Aaand any tips on grocery shopping or mastering the kitchen?

Phew. I’m a terrible cook, so there’s that. I love Shipt’s dinner suggestions in the app. I’m constantly checking there for ideas. I also love putting items I think of randomly into my cart and leaving them until I’m ready to checkout even if its a few days later. That helps me not forget things.

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So how does our time-saving super hero like to use her reclaimed hours?

“Sleeping (because three children), spending more time with my family, and catching up on Gilmore Girls.”

In honor of you, we’ll celebrate your awesomeness with massive amount of pizza and pie, along with gallons of coffee (in true Gilmore form).

Thanks for talking with us, Emily! Cheers to you!

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