#ShiptLife Super Shopper Stories: Brooke Cashwell

Our super Shipt shoppers rock. They are the picture of generosity, community, and freedom in their community. They lend a helping hand, deliver with a smile, and go the extra mile. Meet the perfect example of a super shopper, Brooke!

Brooke left 2 part-time jobs after she found happiness and freedom with Shipt. She even traveled from Orlando to shop in her home state Michigan during our Detroit launch.

Here’s what we learned about her and her experience shopping:

Brooke and Bill Smith, Shipt CEO & Founder


When did you start shopping?

“My first shop was on June 9, 2016! I was working 2 part time jobs, and quit both to shop for Shipt.”

What made you apply to be a shopper?

“I was a cashier at Publix and saw Shipt shoppers coming in all the time. I was intrigued!

Also, as of January of this year, I’d been using a step tracker and was spending several hours a night getting my steps in. I was excited about obtaining my daily step goals while getting paid to shop and deliver groceries.”

What have you learned shopping in two different markets?

“Each market is so different!

In Orlando, there are more stores in the area, so it doesn’t take long to complete the actual deliveries. In Detroit, the stores are much more spread out, so the actual delivery can take 20 minutes at times. I think that’s the main difference, therefore scheduling shops is much different.

Best experience shopping?

“I delivered to a family three times while they were staying in the Orlando area. The entire family was staying in a home in Reunion. Each time I delivered, they were so gracious and thrilled to have their groceries delivered while they were able to spend time together. I was so happy to be able to relieve them of that burden.”

What do you enjoy most about the #ShiptLife?

“I love meeting Shipt members and other shoppers. I’m also proud to be part of the Shipt community where we all help and encourage each other.”

How has Shipt impacted your life?

“Shipt has allowed me so much freedom! Just minutes ago I booked a flight to Detroit so that I could be with my family over Halloween weekend.

Soon I will be moving back to Michigan, and will be able to jump right back into my job the minute I get there. I’ve never had a job where I could pick up and go as I wish, and where I could work in multiple cities/states on a whim.”

Tell us about launch day in Detroit? We heard you traveled a long way to be there!

“I shopped 6 orders on launch day. I was all over the place, including downtown Detroit near Comerica Park. The best thing about launch day was running into tons of other Shipt shoppers. Everyone was so excited!

At the Detroit Launch Party, I walked up to a Shipt Headquarters employee to ask him about the contests that Shipt was holding that night. Later, that gentleman learned that I had driven to Detroit from Orlando to attend the party and to shop the launch. He introduced himself to me, and it hit me then that he was Bill Smith, the founder of Shipt!”

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