#ShiptLife Super Shopper Stories: Glenn Szeman

Last month, we celebrated our Detroit grocery delivery launch with Meijer. We love the Motor City. Its people and places are amazing, and we’ve met some fantastic shoppers who are helping us get #DetroitDelivered.

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Our shoppers make Shipt, Shipt. They zip through the grocery stores, hand selecting the freshest produce, and help our members with a smile on their face.

Now, we want to spotlight Glenn Szeman, a Detroit shopper that exemplifies why we do what we do. Glenn shops because he loves helping others, and we love his great attitude.

Meet Glenn. And join us in celebrating his hard work and compassion. In just a month, he has caught our attention, and we couldn’t ask for a better shopper to share the ShiptLife in Detroit. He’s been shopping since launch day and averages about 3-4 shops per day.

Take it away, Glenn! <3

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What was your first thought when you heard Shipt was coming to Detroit?
“Detroit has been waiting for something like this for a long time. I feel Detroit had the potential to be one of the top cities for Shipt. Feedback has been amazing, and curiosity from hopefully soon to be customers while shopping has been great. I love when I have the time to connect with people in the stores and explain the #ShiptLife to them.”


Tell us about launch day!
“Launch day was exciting! I was more excited than nervous! I learned a lot after my first delivery, it was the largest order I’ve done up to this point. Which I think helped me understand the importance of managing your time, and reviewing the order before shopping it. My most memorable experience thus far has been getting pulled over during a late-night delivery after pulling into the wrong driveway during a delivery. I slipped the officer one of my Shipt referral cards with my license, it didn’t come back to me with my license, so maybe he’s now a customer!”

What has been the best experience, so far?
“It’s difficult to pick one experience as the best. It’s more of a culmination of the experiences together. I really enjoy hearing my customers say what a life saver their delivery is. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to assist many different demographics: from the disabled who have a difficult time with transportation, several elderly members, some with recent surgery who are either on bed rest, or have weight restrictions and then there are a lot of young parents who just don’t have the time to do the shopping. Sorry for the long response, but it’s all the best to me!”

What do you enjoy most about the #ShiptLife?
“I love the flexibility, even though I’ve only taken one day completely off, it’s nice to have the ability to schedule yourself off when you need to!”

How has Shipt impacted your life?
“Apart from the extra income generated, I’ve met some wonderful people! Some in person, and some only through Facebook. It’s a testament to the Shipt hiring process because the shoppers I’ve met have been nothing but friendly, hospitable and helpful. It’s a truly great community. I also appreciate that it is great exercise, I have bad knees and ankles from years of playing basketball, walking through the stores with the cart help keep them active!”


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