#ShiptLife Super Shopper Stories

April is #ShiptLife month, and we can’t let this month pass without spreading some love to some of our most stellar shoppers. We already unveiled a video of some shoppers that soared past 1k shops.

Now, we want to spotlight some shoppers that exemplify why we do what we do. They are the picture of generosity, community, and freedom. These shoppers are full of grace, knowledge, and dreams. They carry these qualities from their shops to their daily lives. We are just so proud.

Meet Jennifer, Nick, Andrea, LaToshia, Robert, and Lauren. And join us in celebrating them! We could not have asked for better shoppers to be a part of our family.


Jennifer W. from Birmingham, Al.

I’m a former IT professional who was looking for something to help make ends meet. As a mom of 3, 2 of whom are adults with Autism, I needed something flexible. A friend of mine who I was already grocery shopping for on occasion saw the ad for Shipt and thought it would be a good fit. I applied, was hired & it has been awesome!!! I love shopping & meeting people and seeing how we are helping people from all walks of life.

This has been the greatest thing I have ever done! I love our customers and treat each shop as I would if I were shopping for my own family. I’ve also met some pretty great shoppers who I am now proud to call friends.

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Shipt family for a very long time!

Pasted image at 2016_03_06 09_51 AMNick C. from South Florida

[This was dispatched from our Experience Team at HQ]

Nick had two 1-2 orders and a member who had a 2-3 order called to say they really needed their order before 2 and he said he could make it happen. I told him for his trouble I would add promo pay and then he said this:

“Thank you, means a lot since I donate all my money to the Make-A- Wish Foundation :D”

I was floored, and I thought that was awesome so I said, “What?! That’s incredible!” Then he responded with this:

“Yes, I have been creating a carnival with the money I have been making with Shipt for the past year. I used to be a manager to a restaurant but quit my job to do Shipt more often. It’s all thanks to Shipt :)”

Andrea H. from Nashville, Tn.

I quit my 8-5 job to pursue a new career as a doula & childbirth educator. I needed a flexible, part time job to help make ends meet while I was getting my business up & running. Enter Shipt!

It has been a lifesaver for me, because babies come when they want and Shipt lets me work around those babies’ schedules. I’m also an administrator for the Nashville Shipt Shoppers FB group, and I think we might have the best group around!

I love my fellow Shiptmates!


LaToshia M. from Charlotte, NC

Last order of the night last night, repeat customer from when I started in October. She was the sweetest person ever, she asked me if I had more orders. I told her she was my last; she had just came home from the hospital and had chest pains. She asked me if I could help her with some light house work. We talked about living in Charlotte, found out we were both from MI. Before I left, she thanked me several times for helping her!

Shipt is more than delivering groceries, sometimes it’s being there for someone! ?? #‎Shiptlife

Robert M. from South Florida

My experience has been awesome, being able to control my schedule and pick orders based on my time is amazing. I shop because to me it’s actually an adrenaline rush, i thoroughly enjoy it, knowing you have a time frame with a set of objectives to accomplish reminds me so much of sports and an athletic competition that to me it’s fun.
Being someone who loves to cook the best part for me is discovering new foods, recipes and flavors that my customers order. I’m always excited to get new ideas for cooking.
My most memorable shop would be about 2 months ago it was a 9pm delivery after a whole day of taking orders and it was a typical Miami down pour. I get to the house and it was an elderly couple, the wife in an electrical wheelchair and the husbaund on a walker. I felt so bad just dropping off their groceries and leaving them with no help so instead I went inside and helped put away the whole order for them, definitely took some time but it felt good to know I helped them to that extent and they genuinely appreciated it.

Lauren J. from Dallas

Tonight, as I hit “delivered” on my 500th Shipt order, I couldn’t help but look back at my journey so far and reflect on the good and the bad. There have been days where I want to cry tears of joy, and other days tears of frustration.

Delivering for Shipt has shown me a side of Dallas that I’ve never seen before and given me an exclusive look into the tall high-rises that fill downtown. I’ve seen inside multi-million dollar mansions and some of the coolest office buildings you could ever imagine.

I’ve lugged cases of water bottles up countless flights of stairs and spent countless hours waiting on a reply text from a member. I’ve learned to take the good with the bad, and I can’t wait to complete 500 more!!! Loving the #ShiptLife

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