Shopper Kudos: July Edition

We’re all about acknowledgement and teamwork at Shipt. That’s why each month, we ask our shoppers to give kudos to a fellow shopper by telling us how they go above and beyond, whether it’s for a member or another shopper — or, as is usually the case, both! We’re always blown away by our shoppers’ enthusiasm, kind words and Shipt love, so we thought we’d show them just how much we appreciate them and share our favorites. And we want to hear your kudos, too. How did a shopper go above and beyond for you this month? Tell us in the comments below!

Tiye K. – Columbia, South Carolina

While shopping in my local Publix, I misplaced my wallet and was unable to complete my order. After contacting Support, they asked if there were any fellow shoppers in the store – unfortunately, there were not. So I put out an SOS in my local group Facebook page to see if anyone could help. And Tiye came riding in on her white horse (well her white car), to save the day! I am forever grateful for Tiye and her willingness to go above and beyond to help me. I am both humbled to work with such great people and blessed to have Tiye come to my aid. – Brittney H.

Erika M. – Savannah, Georgia

Huge shout out to Erika for saving the day by going out into the night to buy us a coffee maker. I was visiting Georgia for a Girl Scout trip with nine 11-year-olds and realized the rental had no coffee pot. The moms thank you, but more importantly, the girls thank you because we would not be fun parents during that trip without coffee! Also, a huge thank you to Shipt, for making it possible to take this trip and spend time with these girls before they all head off to different middle schools next year! #Shiptlife – Angela F.

Angela T. – Detroit, Michigan

We meet people in our lives that will support us, stand beside us, and challenge us in ways that we never knew were possible. A little over a year ago I started this new adventure of “delivering groceries.” I was in the right place at the right time and was asked to help with a launch. At the launch, I met this amazing lady, Angela, and we quickly became friends. Over the past year, we have shared many amazing times traveling together to help with Shipt launches. She has been there to support and encourage me when times were tough. She doesn’t know her own strength at times and how amazing she is! We recently both hit the same milestone of 2,000 shops. We both made the decision to embark on this crazy adventure of shopping for Shipt, and never dreamed that we would make so many friends along the way! She is one of my biggest supporters (and competitors). Congratulations Angela on your 2,000th shop – now the real race begins to 2,500! – Dian H.

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