Shopper Lingo, Decoded

“Wow, that All-Star just did a double Unicorn in record Shipt speed. Tell the Mothershipt — it was Patrick!” Confused yet? When you’re moving at Shipt speed, you’ve got to have some shortcuts. Our shoppers have developed their own special language as they weave through the grocery aisles (carefully) slinging crushables and juggling doubles. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of Shipting from All-Star to X-team.


Experienced shoppers who assist with new launches and expansions and run orientation for new shoppers.


When a shopper accepts an order to deliver.

Cold Firster

Shopper that shops cold items first. All-Stars quickly correct cold firsters’ ways!

Eggs | Shipt


Items that could be easily damaged if not properly handled (i.e. eggs, chips).


Shopping two orders at the same time. 

Fake Double

Two orders shopped at the same time but with one delivered near the end of its window and the other delivered at the beginning of the next window. 

Shipt shopper | Shipt

Intro text

The introduction text message used to contact the member for an order.

Shipter (see also: Shipstar, Shipster)

A Shipt shopper – also known as our personal heroes.


Shipt Headquarters, found in the heart of the Magic City, Birmingham, AL.


The act of shopping for Shipt – aka a way to earn money, set your own schedule, and make a difference in your community. Interested?


Named in honor of founding team member and Shipt Show host, Patrick, this term means “awesome.” As in, “That shop went so well, it was Patrick!


A completed shop where everything is in stock and no substitutions are needed — a win-win for everyone!


“Use best judgment” shops — when a Shipt Shopper gets to put their orientation training to good use!


Vehicle used for Shipting – and singing!


The Shipt experience team. We call them the X-team because they’re X-ceptional!

Curious to learn more about the shoppers behind the lingo? Check out our Shopper Stories to meet the people who make Shipt, Shipt.

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