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Shopper Spotlight: Heather S., Detroit

Whether she’s in “mom mode” or “Shipt mode,” Detroit shopper Heather S. is always laser focused. You have to be, when you’re a mom to two athletes and an all-star shopper. See how Shipt helped Heather adjust to life in a new city while handling a full day of shops and sports practices in #MyShiptStory.

From Shipt Mode to Mom Mode

Every time I leave Meijer, the sweet greeter at the front door always asks me, “Is it mom time or is it Shipt time?” That’s our joke, since everyone at the store knows I have kids. I even shopped on Mother’s Day while they were still in bed.

We are a very sporty family — I think we spend more time at the fields than we do at home! We only get one night off a week, and even then, we have ESPN on. Kenzie, my oldest, is on a travel softball team. We drive an hour and a half each way to practice two nights a week. My son, Brady, is a travel player, too. Between games and practices, the flexibility of Shipt is what drew me in and what keeps me going.

The house usually starts stirring about 6:00 am, when Shipt orders come in. I set my alarm for 5:58 to make sure my app is open and ready. Kenzie wakes up at 7:00, so I get her ready and take her to school before coming home and doing the same with my son. Straight from dropping him off, I go to my first shop around 9:00. I shop until I pick up Kenzie from school, run errands, and pick up Brady. After we come home, the chaos starts. Wednesdays are the worst — we’ll drive to my husband’s office, drop Brady with him, and Kenzie and I head to practice while my husband takes Brady to his game. The kids will change clothes in the car, and we usually don’t get home until about 10:30 pm.

I could use a few more hours in the day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

All for the Family, with Some Fun on the Side

My parents sacrificed a lot for me and I want to give that to my kids, too. I just want to give them the best opportunities they can have. My husband has a nice job as a quality manager at an automotive plant, and we’re able to live in a nice house, but Shipt gives us the over-the-top, “fun” money. If we want to go out to dinner one night, we don’t have to worry about it. It makes me feel like I’m putting something into the family, besides just getting kids ready for school and ball practice.

When I started, I thought it would just be earning a couple dollars here, a couple dollars there. But I’ve pretty much made a full-time job out of this because I work every opportunity I can get. Before Shipt, I was working in my kid’s schools and it was just so stressful. Shipt is stressful, in a different way. This is a fun stressful in just trying to meet my time deadlines, and all that good stuff.

We have a long-term goal with my Shipt funds to eventually put a swimming pool in our yard, so that the kids can enjoy themselves at home instead of us having to go somewhere. It looks like we’re on track.

The Thrill of the Shop

I love to shop. I’m the one on the internet that loads her cart full and never buys anything. To get to shop and get paid for it? What better gig could you have?

The adrenaline rush starts when you hear the little da-da-ding on your phone. I always go through the order before I start shopping. Then I send the customer a text that says, “Hey, this is your Shipt Shopper, Heather. I’m at the store, about to begin shopping your order. Please let me know if there’s anything you would like to add. I’ll text you with any substitutions. Thanks so much.” I have that memorized by now. My phone does too, because when I say it, it just types it right out.

Once I get to the store, I’m pretty laser focused. I take my insulated bags in with me, throw my keys inside, and off I go. I’m a little OCD in some departments, but I need that peace of mind that I did it to the best of my ability. I treat my customers like I would want to be treated — the Golden Rule. If I placed an order, I would want everything correct and accurate, and I do my best to provide that for the members.

The Missing Link

Shipt was the missing link when we moved to Detroit. It’s home for now, but we’ve moved quite a few times. As a family, it was a really hard transition. It’s been four months, and we’re still trying to figure it out. Not only has it allowed me to feel like I have financial input in the family, it’s allowed me to be myself again. It brings me out of the shell that I had gotten in when we first moved, because we didn’t really know anyone. And running to baseball, running to softball, Shipt just fits in perfectly with our schedules.

Then there’s the community. I’m a social butterfly, and we were missing that family component here. But the Shipt community in Detroit is amazing. I joined the Shipt Shoppers of Detroit Facebook group, and It’s a really tight-knit group that gives me the support that I didn’t expect, but needed. They’re kind of like family.

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