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Shopper Spotlight: Kali and Kelly Go Above and Beyond in Kalamazoo

Kali R., a fifth-generation Kalamazoo resident, has always felt her community was special. When she was tapped by friend and fellow Shipt shopper Kelly M. to help with a surprise donation order to the Gospel Mission, she jumped at the chance. Read on to hear how these two combined forces to make magic happen in their community and pull off an incredibly special shop.

The Order of a Lifetime

When Kelly M., a shopper since Shipt first launched in Kalamazoo back in 2017, saw the opportunity for a massive order one night, she jumped at the opportunity! After first seeing the extent of the order, she was worried about what she might have gotten herself into, but once she saw the notes and who it was for, she couldn’t wait to start shopping. It was a surprise charity donation full of baby supplies and children’s toys for the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission.

“Back in 2017, my son and I almost had to go to the Gospel Mission. For me to do this order, it felt like a blessing. I almost started tearing up after seeing the number of baby and children’s items. It was so nice to talk to her and share our stories throughout the order. She was incredibly grateful it was me who got the order because of what I went through, and I was humbled to be able to do it” says Kelly.

Following back and forth conversations about the perfect donation items, and two hours of shopping later, Kelly filled four overflowing shopping carts with piles of clothes and a mountain of toys. At that point, she realized this was a task meant for two.

Shop Meant for Two

After working at a pharmacy for over 12 years, Kali R. took the opportunity to leave her position and she signed up for Shipt. “Shipt was originally my transition plan as I made a career change, but then I fell in love with it! I’ve been able to make fantastic friends that are a lot like me, while having the freedom to spend more time with my family and volunteering in my community. I love how much I’m able to help people and enjoy seeing the impact I make every day – I haven’t looked back.”

So when Kali got the call to help deliver a massive charity order within her community, she jumped at the chance. She hopped out of bed and drove straight to meet Kelly – immediately grabbing a grocery cart, opening the hatchback of her car and loading all the donations in.

A Heartfelt Surprise

“After four or five separate trips to our cars to unload, we managed to fill the entire Gospel Mission office. It was an outstanding amount that truly floored the entire group of people working there,” shared Kali.

“The Gospel Mission didn’t even know we were coming, and the surprise is what made the delivery that much more exciting,” says Kelly. “It was incredibly rewarding to know kids weren’t going to go without blankets or toys. Being in a shelter is hard, and can be especially scary for kids. Having a toy helps to take their mind off of everything that’s happening around them, it can be the thing that helps get them through. Helping to provide that item of security and comfort is no small thing.”

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