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Shopper Spotlight: Michelle K., Detroit

In her words, Detroit shopper Michelle K. is “one of those people that keeps going. I don’t care what you throw at me.” As a mom of ten and a cancer survivor, she’s managed to keep going through everything life has thrown at her thanks to some “Tokyo drift-style shopping” with Shipt. Michelle shares how she handles the everyday surprises of motherhood and helped pull her family out of a tough time in this month’s #MyShiptStory.

Organized Chaos

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. If I revisited my yearbook from high school, that was one of my big things: to be a mom. Initially I wanted four kids, but I ended up with ten! Most days, I make it with my sanity sprinkled with a little bit of wine. I love it though. My kids make my day. When I’m having a rough time, they are what pulls me through.

The hardest part with all the kids is just the responsibility. You know they’re grateful for things, but sometimes you feel like a chauffeur or a cook — sometimes that’s all you feel good for. So it’s a lot, especially when you feel like it’s on you all the time. With laundry, I’ve gotten so overwhelmed on occasion that I threatened to put it out in the yard and just set it all on fire!

In the mornings, my house is complete chaos. I don’t think I’ve slept past 5:30 a.m. in years. First I feed our dogs, Walter and Elsa, who are worse than any newborn. If I feel nice, I’ll make my husband lunch, and then make sure he gets out the door. Then it’s laundry and the dishes before waking the older kids up. I send them off, get the little kids up and ready, pack snacks, out the door, come back, try to clean up their mess and then I plan the rest of my day with my youngest. Then I come back around 3:30 p.m., make “first dinner” to eliminate after school snacking, go to work and come home for “second dinner.” Every day I try to do four shops and catch up on the weekends if I haven’t met my goal.

The flexibility with Shipt is unbelievable, especially when I have ten children pulling me every which way. I can fit Shipt in those little minutes between them. That’s important for a mom, because you never know what life is going to throw at you. That class party you forgot about that you need to go to, you can now go to. You need to run something home for dinner, you can do that, or you can order your own Shipt, like I have. It works around your life.

Serious Business…and Sport

I’m good at shopping because I’ve been a pro at it for years, even when I wasn’t getting paid! I already work at an anxiety level of ten most of the time, so I’m in and out, in and out as fast as I can. I like to be efficient, get everyone their things on time, correctly.

I always take pride in my work. This is almost like your own little business too, and you have to treat it that way. Some people go to the office, and they can sleep under their desk and get paid like George Costanza in Seinfeld. But I can’t sleep in the cart and get paid. So, I have to move it. That’s how I look at it. I never use the barcode scanner. I read the codes and look at the products. I always tell new shoppers, “Stop using your scanner. Use your eyes.” It makes a world of difference.

Other time savers? Tokyo drift-style shopping. It saves you time to go around the curves without slowing down. You whip it and go. Shopping is like an athletic event. You can’t take it too lightly when you go with me!

Finding Peace after Rock Bottom

I’m definitely one of those people that keeps going. I don’t care what you throw at me. But one of the hardest times for our family was when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was working about sixty hours a week, and I just couldn’t do that anymore. I attempted to go back to work as a massage therapist, but I got into a car accident on my way to work and ended up needing four surgeries. To not have my income was a huge hit. You have all these people who need to eat every day, and we lived in a really small house.

Everything hit rock bottom come November, December. Nobody wants their kid to go without Christmas, and I put everything I could into that for my kids. There were some days I was just counting, “Okay, we have this in the freezer, this in the freezer. Okay, we could go till Dad’s payday.” It stinks to have to go to the grocery store and say, “Well, I have $25 to spend, and this is what we have.”

Shipt has given me peace in my life — actual peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. I go to bed at night, and don’t cry. Now I’m able to do stuff with my kids at home. I can go to the grocery store for my family without a problem. I can pay for my son’s summer musical theater and his trip to Spain. I would have told him last year, “You were born in the wrong family.” But now I can actually say, “Yeah, you can go.”

Just the pride I feel contributing again to the family, which was taken away from me for so many years — it’s a great feeling. It makes me proud to have a paycheck on Friday. It makes me happy that I can help my husband provide for the kids. I’m helping other people, but when they thank me, I’ve thanked them back. I say, “I’m helping you, but you’re helping me, too.”

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