Show some love to our Earth

Happy Earth Day! For 50 years, Americans have celebrated Mother Earth on April 22nd. Here are some easy ways to honor our planet and contribute to a happier, cleaner environment. 

1. Get gardening

Add to existing greenery by planting something new like a tree, shrub, or even flowers. Try planting foliage that is native to your area for the best results. Make your gardening efforts work even harder by planting fruits and veggies to add freshness to everyday meals. Need an indoor option? A herb garden is perfect for small spaces!

2. Meatless Mondays

Reducing your consumption of animal-based meat and exploring with plant-based alternatives can reduce your carbon footprint – not to mention there are many delicious options available!

3. Switch up your routines

From beauty regimens to cleaning sprees, we use a lot of different products and ingredients in our homes. Try eco-friendly, gentle cleansers and cleaning supplies. Small changes to your routine make a huge impact when going green. 

4. Ditch plastic water bottles

With so many different kinds available, it’s easy to get on board with reusable water bottles. Find your favorite color or style and start sipping. It’s a simple way to reduce plastic waste – and stay hydrated!

5. A breath of fresh air

Celebrate our wonderful Earth by taking a walk, going on a hike, or experiencing nature however you like. Use this opportunity to get some fresh air, vitamin D, and a clear head. 

These are just some simple switches that you can make to give back to our planet. Use Shipt to get gardening supplies, meatless alternatives, and more delivered right to your door. 

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