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Your ultimate allergy kit, delivered.

Ah Spring, we love you.

You make it rain and bring life to our yards and sidewalks. You beam so sunny bright, lifting our cold spirits and waving away the winter darkness. You wake up our favorite fruits and veggies with vibrant color and crisp textures. It’s a new world with every Spring season.

IMG_9286It’s also a pollen wonderland.

Needed a paint job for your car? No problem, pollen’s got it covered (literally). New flowers in bloom mean allergy doom. But really Shipters, have no fear. Your Spring Sidekick is here.

Enter the Allergy Kit category (can I get a Hallelujah?!).


We put together a few allergy essentials in the app, so that you can celebrate the season without having to go to the store for every itchy eye, runny nose, scratchy throat reason. Alright, enough with the rhymes. Let’s get you (and HQ) the ammo you need to fight off your allergies.


First, we’ve got our soldiers up front. In the app, we listed allergy meds for various needs, neti pots, nasal sprays, tissues, and of course chapstick. We’re covering all the bases here, folks.


Next, we have our lozenges! Yes, cough drops are included, but we took it to the next level by adding immune boosting Vitamin C and Echinacea drops. They may be sweet, but they sure do pack a punch (to your allergies!).


We couldn’t forget our teas. Chamomile, peppermint, Echinacea and more!


For extra soothing and comforting, swirl in some honey. Mugs ready, set, sip!


We’re suckers for some Yogi tea here at HQ. I mean, really, look at that. It never hurts to have a side of nice thoughts with your cup of happiness.


Photos by Gina Yu ©2016

Alright, Shipters. It’s time to send you out into the vast pollen-blanketed unknown.

Suit up for battle against allergies with our Allergy Kit by your side. We’ll get the groceries.

HQ out! <3


  1. Caroline Rochford

    Is it possible to “sub categorize” the sale items? The sale items list is quite tedious and I always give up and move on. I would purchase more if I could navigate it easier.


      Hey Caroline! Great question. Our team is working on that update as we speak. I told them about your specific concern, and they are on it.

      Thanks for reaching out. We love getting feedback, as it only helps us grow and be better!


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