Shipt delivers Halloween essentials

Spooky shops: The mummy, the witch, and the werewolf

Here at Shipt, our skin is crawling with excitement as we prepare for a festive Halloween season. Whether it’s candy, pumpkins, costumes, or decor – Shipt can deliver everything you need for a spooktacular celebration in as soon as 1 hour. We asked some ghoulish monster members to share their favorite items that get them into a festive spirit. 

A mummy’s must-haves

Imhotep is a new mummy with night shift job who hasn’t had time for herself in what feels like 4000 years. Read on to see her everyday staples that keep her going from dusk to dawn, then shop a Shipt category curated with her favorite seasonal baby products.

shipt delivers huggies diapers

Baby bottom wraps

Every mummy’s worst nightmare is moisture. My little monsters can go through a pack a day so I always order extra.

shipt delivers cottonelle toilet paper

Fashion essentials

Two-ply? More like ten-ply. I never want to get caught without a fresh roll to wrap around me on cold fall nights. 

Ceremonial mask

When I’m feeling fancy I treat myself to the good stuff. These are my favorite masks – the lavender makes my whole crypt smell great.

shipt delivers starbucks coffee beans

Bean elixir

I know mortals go crazy for these beans and they’re truly on to something. On late night shifts, they’re strong enough to wake me from the dead.

shipt delivers halloween movies

Family videos

No matter how busy I am, I like to make memories with my family and reflect on how far we’ve come. This is a movie night favorite, starring my great-great grandmummy.

Shopping staples every clean witch needs

From working a 9-5 to sweeping around the skies at night, Glenda has a packed professional and social schedule. She shares must-have cleaning supplies for less work, more witching. 


Cauldron scrubber

Until I perfect my scrubbing spell (the sponge keeps running away) these give my cauldron clean without any francanscence residew.

Eco-friendly transit

I love my shiny new broom that’s easy to spot in the skies. It even comes with a handy fan for hot nights. Plus, zero emissions.

shipt delivers lysol

Love potion

I spray this at couples who are mad at each other so they forget why they were mad and get mad at me instead.

shipt delivers nail polish

Nails on fleek

Witches always have to keep their nails on point – it’s a trend we started and I’m proud to see so many young people getting on board.

shipt delivers candles


No shrine is complete without many candles to conjure spells and beckon important things like 1-hour delivery.

Shopping list staples every werewolf needs

Steffen recently graduated from a cub to a full-grown werewolf, which means maintaining his own hunting schedule and own den. When he needs quick meals or to entertain the pack, it’s delivery to the rescue. Check out his must-haves.,

shipt delivers deodorant

She-wolf magnet

Running around in the woods all night works up a musk, and not in a good way. This stuff keeps me fresh even when I go from the office to the gym to the great outdoors.

shipt delivers dog food

Backup meals

On some nights, the hunting game is sparse or I just feel like watching a movie. That’s why I make sure to keep my favorite convenience meals on hand. Mmm, lamb.


I don’t know why humans haven’t figured out how delicious their hygiene products are, but I like to end every meal with a tube of Fresh Mint. Sweet, portable, what’s not to love?

shipt delivers headphones

Pump up jams

When the moon is out and the music is loud, that’s my happy place. Highly recommend these wireless headphones for audiophiles.


Neck accessory

I saw a dog with one of these the other day and it was pretty cute so I bought one in every color.

Shop these monster member favorites and more on the Shipt app or at What’s the most dreadfully delightful item on your Halloween shopping list? Share in the comments below! 

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