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From the Shipt Kitchen: Jac S.’s Vegan Peppermint (St.) Paddy’s Shake

We all have that go-to meal – the one Grandma used to make, the one we bring to parties, or the one we whipped up using leftovers that turned out to be a keeper. In this series, we’re sharing our community’s go-to recipes, along with the memories and stories that make them worth making again and […]

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Shipt teams up with Planet Fundraiser

Everyone needs a friend that inspires you to give a little more. Luckily, with our friends at Planet Fundraiser, giving back to important causes has never been simpler. So, what is Planet Fundraiser? This tech startup streamlines charitable giving by connecting customers with a network of shops, restaurants, and grocery stores that benefit their communities. […]

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Shipt Shopper Spotlight: Dian H., Indy

With careers in restaurant management, substitute teaching, motherhood, and home remodeling, Indy shopper Dian H. sees life as a series of classrooms. With 1500 shops under her belt, Dian has learned that kindness goes a long way with fellow shoppers and customers. “The one skill I’ve learned as a Shopper is believing in people,” she […]

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9 Questions with Claire G., Member Experience and Shopper Support Team

From shoppers to members to engineers, marketers, and our shopper appreciation team, it’s the people who make Shipt, Shipt. In this series, we get to know the members of our diverse community, from their shopping list staples to their proudest work moments. Shipt wouldn’t exist without its incredible member community and one-of-a-kind shopper network. But […]

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Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats: Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie Pops

By: Holley Grainger Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a sweet baked treat like these tasty Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie Pops. Topped with a festive white chocolate drizzle, these cookies swap in white wheat flour, old-fashioned oatmeal and dried cranberries for a boost of heart-healthy ingredients. Who said you can’t enjoy something sweet? Whether you’re making […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Cheesy Pretzel Bites for the Big Game

In partnership with Kraft The Big Game is right around the corner, which means it’s time to bring your A-game to the table. Whether you’re watching from the couch or tailgating with friends, a great snack is the real MVP of any viewing party. So, gear up for a tasty victory because these Cheesy Pretzel […]

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From the Shipt Kitchen: Skillet Lasagna

As the weather continues to get colder, the last thing we want to do is spend evenings standing over the stove when we could be bundled up on the couch. This skillet lasagna is easy to make and oh-so warm and cozy for these chilly winter nights. Don’t worry about fussing over a traditional lasagna, […]

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Skip the Second Semester Lunchbox Slump

By: Holley Grainger  Moms, if I could give you a trophy (or, more realistically, a massage and a nap!), I would. You’ve made it through one semester of lunch packing, survived the holiday break, and are now almost out of the bitter cold of winter—you’ve done a great job! Now isn’t the time to lose […]

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5 Frozen Meal Hacks to Get Dinner on the Table

When it comes to putting food on the table, we’re big fans of convenience. We’re all too familiar with that feeling you get when it’s five o’ clock and you’ve barely had time to think about dinner, let alone make it. That’s when we pull out the frozen meals — and we’ve learned that convenience […]

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Introducing Shipt It Forward

We know the Shipt community is made up of more than just shoppers and members. Every day, we’re inspired by their stories and the random acts of kindness they share with each other. Our community constantly motivates us to step up our giving game at HQ which is why we’re thrilled to introduce Shipt It […]

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