The 411 on Voting Like a Pro in the 2020 Election

Here at Shipt, we believe in going above and beyond because we believe every person counts. Now, we want your voice to count in the upcoming 2020 election.

To make sure you have all the info you need to be election-ready, we’ve partnered with VOTE411. Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) in 2006, is your one-stop-shop for election-related resources. You’ll find nonpartisan information on the following aspects of the election process:

Voter Registration Forms and Registration Deadlines

Not registered to vote, moved, or maybe just can’t remember? Whichever it is, all Americans should confirm their voter registration status to check against inaccurate changes or removals. It only takes 30 seconds – that’s less time than it takes to wash your hands. Access the VOTE411 Voter Information Lookup Tool to verify your status right now. 

Absentee Ballot Information

Voting in the age of the coronavirus means you have options to vote safely and comfortably. One of those ways is casting an absentee ballot, also known as the mail-in ballot. With Election Day around the corner, download or request your absentee ballot now to ensure you can vote absentee on November 3 – it literally takes 2 minutes. Because deadlines to submit an absentee ballot vary by state, check your state’s government website for the complete voting details. To ensure your ballot gets counted, follow all instructions carefully, such as required witness signatures or the use of blue or black ink only.  

Polling Place Locations

Did you know that in the days leading up to, and on, Election Day, the polling place locator is the most searched information by voters on Vote 411? Get ahead of the game by going to and typing in your address for the nearest polling station in your voting precinct. Take your civic duty to the next level and help people in your community by volunteering to become a poll worker. Right now, there’s an unprecedented shortage, so explore opportunities in your state.

Tracking Absentee Ballots

More voters than ever before will be voting by mail in this election. But what happens after you fill out the ballot properly (be sure to follow the instructions that accompany your ballot to ensure it’s counted) and drop it in the mail? Fortunately, 45 states and the District of Columbia allow you to track your ballot – kind of like your grocery delivery. Ease any concerns about mail-in voting by going to your state’s government website to access ballot tracking technology available to you. 

Ready to make your vote count? Find personalized voting information at and develop your voting plan to make your voice heard this Election Day. 

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