The ShiptLife: Defining our company culture

Picture this: You ask a group of people the same question, but they all have different, unique answers. Makes sense.

But what about when you ask a group of people, all with different backgrounds and perspectives, the same question – and they all give you the same answer?

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That goes deeper than chance. It’s also deeper than a mantra written on a wall or in a job posting. And it’s exactly what happens if you walk around the Shipt offices and ask people what they like most about their job. Or what values the Shipt team looks for. Or why they do what they do. These people are in deep… real deep. And they love every crazy, startup-y minute of it.

When you’re trying to put words behind the culture at a fast-paced startup like Shipt, it’s important to pay attention.


The best company culture is the result of a million little nuances: the freely-flowing kudos, the matching t-shirts (proudly worn), the deep-seated loyalty. And when you’re a company pioneering uncharted waters and growing at an exponential rate, building the right culture can be the difference between good work and revolutionary work. Which is why it needs to be captured, recorded and studied.

This type of feeling doesn’t come around often, and when it does – it’s worth holding onto.


The atmosphere Shipt has created for its employees, its members and its shoppers is something electric: buzzing with ideas, productivity and passion.

And it all comes down to these five ideas:

The Shipt Culture: Hustle

Hustle harder
Because hustle is what starts a startup (and then keeps it going). You don’t become the fastest growing grocery delivery service by casually ticking off a to-do list. This is the type of work that wakes you up at night with a new idea, or has you checking Slack on the weekends not because someone messaged you, but because you don’t want to miss a minute of what’s going on. It’s easy to hustle this hard when you can see how directly and quickly your work pays off – and everyone pushes even harder knowing they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

Shipt Culture: Take Work (but not yourself) Seriously

Take work (but not yourself) seriously
The key to success at Shipt? A sense of humor. There will be growing pains at any small, fast-moving company, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled with a grain of salt (and maybe a beer from the in-office kegerator). Games of pool and ping pong are played in between problem solving and city launches, and it’s not uncommon to see several Shipters pile into a single car for a taco truck run. Because when you work this hard, you have to play hard, too.

Shipt Culture: Grow Freely and Fail Fast

Grow freely and fail fast
Failure is inevitable, but it must be done quickly to gain insight and move onto the next, all without taking it personally. This is where Shipt lives and breathes as a true team: pushing an app update to the tunes of an office playlist full of everything from Bruce Springsteen to Timbaland. Or tackling 24-hour customer service with the help of some well-placed gifs. Every team member has the freedom to pursue their ideas – so long as they’re willing to do the work. This kind of creative freedom encourages pushing yourself beyond the day-to-day and means every last person has the opportunity to contribute in a very real and direct way.

Shipt Culture: Love Each Other

Love each other
At the end of the day, Shipt is creating a product and a community that makes people’s lives better in a myriad of ways. By finding ways to deliver groceries in cities across the country, far-away families are able to help aging parents, a friend can lend a hand to a new mom, and a shopper can earn the money to take that trip they’ve always dreamed of. Working towards the goal of positively impacting real people in their everyday lives is what Shipt and it’s people are all about. And they’re always striving to find new ways to help. Through efforts to bring fresh groceries to metro food deserts and by supporting local non-profits, Shipt has created more than a team. Ask around, and any employee, member or shopper will tell you it’s a family.

Shipt Culture: Celebrate Wins

Celebrate the wins (big and small)
The momentous milestones are important, yes, but it’s all the little victories that keep up the positive momentum day-in and day-out. Whether it’s pitching in on blog ideas or cheering a new employee on before their first shop, the Shipt life is all about generous support and kudos. The best part? No one is working for the recognition. But it’s always nice to know that it’s remembered and appreciated.

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