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Three Reasons Why We Love Crest Foods

The first time we delivered groceries from Crest Foods, we knew it was a perfect match. We launched with Crest back in October 2018 and what an incredible few months it has been. Through our partnership, we’ve provided nearly 500,000 households in the Oklahoma City metro area with access to grocery delivery via Shipt. From our shared Southern roots to their extensive in-store variety, these are top three reasons we love Crest Foods.

1. They Share Our Southern Roots

At Shipt, Southern hospitality is in our DNA and the values at Crest Foods are no different. Born and bred in Oklahoma, Crest has provided groceries to the state’s residents for over 70 years and, like Shipt, understands that an amazing customer experience is what leads to long-term success. At Crest, it’s all about the details – from the team members who bag the groceries to the ones who carry them to your car  – Crest prides itself on putting customers first, including our local Shipt Shoppers!

2. They Are Always Ready

Crest stores are about selling high-quality products at “Rock Bottom Prices.” They go out of their way to provide an incredible selection of groceries and products, and the shelves are immaculately stocked down every aisle – a key detail our shoppers really appreciate! And don’t even worry about long lines, at Crest they keep checkout lanes clear and always stay a step ahead of the rush by opening additional registers when needed.

3. They Love You Right Back

Crest Foods’ love for their home state extends beyond the checkout counter. Each year, they partner with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to supply truckloads of food to fight childhood hunger in the state. Through donations like this, and their commitment to providing superior service for every customer, Crest Foods is living up to the community values instilled in the company by its founders, Nick Jr. and Cherry Harroz.

Crest Foods goes above and beyond to create a strong sense of community and make shopping a breeze and that is why we are showing them a little love this month.

Know a Shipt Shopper or someone in your life that has gone above and beyond? Share your story below!

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