Top 4 Reasons to Register and Vote

With less than 12 days until Election Day, we’re encouraging you to get out the vote and make your voice heard. 

There are plenty of good reasons to vote in the upcoming election. Whether you’re seeking change, fulfilling your civic duty, or you really want the “I voted” sticker, they’re all valid reasons to show up and make your voice heard. But if you’re still seeking some motivation, let us help with a shortlist of 4 reasons to cast your vote – because there’s still time! 

 1. Vote for your community or for those who can’t vote. Kids and teens under 18 can’t vote, so they depend on us to represent their voices. When we vote, we’re essentially looking out for our kids, and their futures. Vote for their future as well as your own.

 2. Vote to make your voice heard on an issue or candidate. Don’t let others decide for you. Remember, there is power in numbers. When we vote and get our family members to vote, we can impact outcomes and change the discussion.

 3. Vote because of what’s at stake in the next election. Which issues matter most to you? Maybe it’s health care access, affordable housing, or school funding. Who we elect can be as much about protecting a program as it is starting a new one. 

 4. Vote because it’s easier than you think. With expanded early voting, (no-excuse) absentee or mail voting, and added language assistance, it’s easier than ever to vote. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll find it easier to vote again and again.

Tell us why you’re voting and your voting plan in the comments. For all your voting-related questions, head to our election central:

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