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Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Groceries Delivered in Atlanta

Atlanta is the next city to experience the life-changing convenience of Shipt grocery delivery (we like to call it the #ShiptLife). We took a quick trip over to Atlanta and found at least 92 reasons why Atlantans need grocery delivery in their lives. Here are just a few of our findings:

1. Atlanta traffic is no joke.

Whether you’re traveling 75, 85, 285 or 400, average travel time to the grocery store ranges from five minutes to five days. We looked into it, and a front seat full of groceries does not count as a passenger in the HOV lane. So while you’re fighting traffic, let us fight the line at the grocery store for you.

2. You need a hand on game day – no matter who you cheer for.

We’re from Alabama, so we understand the dedication to football in the South. If you have friends over to watch the Dawgs play Tech and you run out of chips for that dip, what are you going to do? Well, you can pull up your Shipt app and have our Shopper deliver a fresh bag of chips (and maybe a second round of snacks) to your watch party before the next time-out.

3. Rush hour happens on the road and in the grocery store.

Rush hour – or should we say hours?—can throw a wrench into your dinner plans. The last thing you want to do once you finally make it your exit is to swing by the grocery store and wait in line again. Send us your grocery list before you leave the office and we’ll get it to your doorstep just in time for dinner.

4. We owe you for some delightful innovations created in Atlanta.

First Coca-Cola and then, as if Coke wasn’t enough, you shared the delight of Chick-fil-A with the world. Let’s not even get started on the Braves (we’ve been known to do the occasional chop). We think that the least we can do to repay you is to offer you the next big innovation of on-demand grocery delivery.

5. We know “Atlanta” is bigger than just downtown.

The great people of Atlanta don’t just live in Atlanta proper—you guys span across the whole metro area. Just because you don’t live downtown doesn’t mean you don’t need your groceries delivered too. Whether you’re OTP or ITP – Shipt will make sure that you get your groceries delivered. We’ll deliver groceries to all of the Peachtree Streets around town. To check if you live within our coverage area, visit

So, Atlanta, are you ready for the #ShiptLife?

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