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#HowDadCares [straight from the heart of HQ]

Dad Day is coming up.  And, we can’t wait. Because dads are well, dads. And the way they love is different. For example, my parents live in another state. Whenever I come home, I find hiking socks (or some other hiking gear, but usually hiking socks. Some kind of socks.) in my room. And they […]

I Love My Mom Because… [straight from the heart of HQ]

We could never express all the reasons that we love our moms.  Because, your mom, my mom, our moms are Superheros. Magicians. Navigators. Trailblazers. Healers. Warriors. Cheerleaders. Inspirers. Hard workers. Storytellers. Artists. Chefs. Builders. Gardeners. Peacemakers. Pillars. Sacrificers. Laugh-makers. Supporters. Jokers. Huggers. Snugglers. Cuddlers. Encouragers. Fighters. So, we sat and thought about how we could […]

#ShiptLife with Superhero Emily Ley

Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they do it? Do you wonder how they manage to balance work, family, health, and fun without some magical time-warping gadget? Meet Emily Ley, founder and Creative Director of Emily Ley Paper and Gifts, design pro, mama of three, light and rainbows embodied. When we found […]

#ShiptLife: Stellar Shoppers [1k Shop Status!!!]

April is #ShiptLife month, and we’re kicking it off by celebrating some of our most stellar shoppers. John, Leah, Chris G., Brandon, and Chris C. reached super Shipt stardom by shopping 1k shops. Holy cow, right?! Can you imagine shopping over a thousand orders for the people in your local community? They can! These shoppers […]

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