Valentine’s Day: The Day of Appreciation

I have always loved Valentine’s day.
I’m a sucker for those chalky candy hearts that say, “Be mine” and “XOXO.” And I secretly love those cheesy commercials with puppies and acoustic guitar in the background with words that float across the screen with something ridiculous like, “Show your love in diamonds.”

But that’s the thing. Why I struggle with this day of love (and probably why a lot of people do) is because it’s become synonymous with recognizing everything you don’t have, whether it may be that perfect gift, dinner reservation or even a significant other to share it with.

I want to challenge this day of love and make it a day of LOVE. It’s showing all the people in your life that you love them—a simple text or phone call, maybe a homemade treat. It’s loving your self and being grateful for who you are, appreciating how far you’ve come.
love-heart-hand-romantic-largeThis year, I’m sending postcards to people I care about with something like, “Hey bud, I love you. I’m so thankful for you in my life. I hope that this day is a reminder that you are so loved, and that there is a lot to love in this life.” I refuse to let a day about love be anything but.

Treat your family, friends, coworkers, strangers, and of course, yourself this Valentine’s Day. Let it be a day of appreciation for the people around you and the little moments that make you smile. (Like that moment you get your groceries at the door <3)

Like eggs in toast from Juneberry Lane


or heart-shaped bacon from The Paper Mama. Because bacon.

Notice how all the ways to my heart are through breakfast foods… Get creative and have fun this Valentine’s Day! Throw in a Shipt membership or two in the love fest, spread the generosity.

We love you Shipters. Thanks for being the bee’s knees! <3


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