Victory! #MissysMealChallenge

Hey Shipters! Two weeks ago, we challenged you to join Missy on her mission to cook one day and eat all week.


Pre-challenge Prep

“The idea of being able to prepare/prep dinner for my family in one sitting has been an idea that has interested me for a while now,” Missy said. “With my house always being super busy, that 45 minutes to an hour that I spend cooking dinner every night can be tiring. So the idea of taking a few hours to get meals ready ahead of time so that my week is less stressful just seems like a no-brainer.”

She chose to start with a plan that she knew would work, so she chose the 7-Day Slow Cooker Freezer Meal Plan, from New Leaf Wellness.

Why the slow cooker option?
“1. Because I LOVE my slow cooker. 2. Because my husband can get everything going before he leaves for work (team work makes the dreamwork!) 3. And because I can put all of the meals in the freezer and use when we need them. Nothing goes to waste!”

IMG_0415 8

Challenge Time!
With all of the instructions and recipes printed, Missy started with mise en place (a French term that literally means “everything in place”) by getting organized— bags labeled, all recipes read through, large and sturdy cutting board positioned next to the sink, trash can pulled out (for quick and clean discarding!), freezer cleared out (to make room for all of the meals), and even, motivational Pandora station cued up! (She swears by the Mumford and Sons station.)

IMG_0442 3Through the detailed and easy plan she followed, Missy was able to knock out six meals in two hours! Yes, that includes everything from getting the ingredients out to cleaning up!

Needless to say, this dream of hers is becoming an absolute part of her routine. Missy usually spends 45 minutes to an hour on meals, five times a week, along with the time it takes to get herself set to cook.

Missy learned that after picking a plan that can fit her family, she can cook meals that are healthier, quicker and cheaper. Plus, it makes the drive-thru so much less tempting! GO MISSY!

IMG_0464How did it go for you? What plan did you use? Are you a pre-planning expert now? Share your experience by tagging us and using #MissysMealChallenge. We can’t wait to celebrate you and your victories!

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