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You Order.

Once you sign up for a membership and download the Shipt app (iOS, Android, and web), just select your groceries, choose delivery options, and checkout. We make grocery shopping fast, simple, and convenient.

We Shop.

We partner with a local community of reliable shoppers. They can pick a perfect mango with their eyes closed and navigate 40,000 grocery items faster than you can say “Organic Gluten-free Pastry Flour.” Our prices will vary slightly from in store prices.

We Deliver.

We did a lot of research. 0% of people like to wait. We offer same day grocery delivery, as soon as one hour after your order, when it’s most convenient for you, and delivery is free for members on orders over $35. What will you do with that extra time?

Why Give 1 When You Can Give 16,000?

A few weeks back, we launched our #Give1Get1 campaign in support of Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month. During the campaign, we committed to matching all canned food item purchases from the Shipt app and donating the cans to local Feeding America food banks.

We asked our ops team to run the final numbers and, to be honest, we were surprised when we sat down and started reviewing the totals.

How surprised? Well, in total, Shipt customers purchased 16,000 canned food items during the campaign. Maybe we should repeat that – you all purchased 16,000 canned food items which will be matched as a donation to Feeding America food banks across the Shipt footprint!

That’s right, following our announcement regarding the #Give1Get1 campaign, Shipt customers took to their smartphones and started ordering canned food items like it was going out of style. We are amazed by your commitment to Hunger Action Month, and we believe that you deserve a heart-felt thank you.


So, now that you’ve done your job, it’s time for us to keep the ball rolling. Throughout the end of the year, we will be loading up trucks – that’s right, trucks – with thousands of canned food items and delivering them to local Feeding America food banks in all of our active markets – Birmingham, Nashville, Dallas, Tampa, South Florida, Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix and Charlotte.

In order to make sure that you all get to see your contributions at work, be sure to monitor our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels in the coming weeks. We’ll be posting photos and sharing stories as we donate all 16,000 items. It’s going to require a lot of work, but we know that it’s going to be worth the heavy lifting.

Again, thank you. Your purchases will help make a difference.


1500 cans, 1600 lbs of food, 1200 meals


This is around 1/10 of what we’ll be donating over the next couple of months


  1. Susan Shanklin

    Still hoping to hear that you are coming to Amelia Island soon! Any updates?


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