Wine Time: A Chat with Wine Experts and Owners of Triangle Wine Co.

In honor of our most recent launch with Triangle Wine Co., we sat down with wine experts and owners Chris Roche and Glenn Hagedorn to chat about why they got into the wine and beer biz and what their fave pairings are for spring.

Read on to learn more about their favorite beverages and seasonal pairings, what the deal is with stemless wine glasses, and also what they’d serve from beginning to end for a blow-your-socks-off dinner party!

If you could suggest one drink that best symbolizes spring, what would it be?

CHRIS: A vinho verde rosé, which is refreshing and fruity and tastes like raspberry sorbet. Deck-porch therapy in a bottle! It’s got good acidity, so it pairs well with cheese, particularly softer cheeses like goat cheese or manchego cheese.

What are your favorite drinks of all time?

GLENN: An oaked Napa Cabernet poured into a Nalgene bottle and enjoyed on a hike with my wife at Forced Hill Falls, outside of Lake Tahoe.

CHRIS: Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a red wine of southern France, which is my favorite area for wine. That paired with homemade gumbo at home during Thanksgiving.

What are your most interesting/unique wine pairings?

GLENN: When I was at UC Davis I became friends with someone from South Africa. When he went back home he sent me a bottle of pinotage, a cross between a Pinot noir and Cinsaut, along with a bag of smoke mopane worms. Needless to say, it was a very interesting combination!

CHRIS: Well, that’s a tough one to beat, but I’d have to go with adding stout to chocolate cake. Or adding a port reduction to beef stew. I tend to like things very spicy, so the sweetness of the beef plays nicely with the spicy flavor in the port.

What’s up with stemless wine glasses?

CHRIS: I use them more than half the time at home because they’re more utilitarian — easier for dishwashing. But it depends on the occasion. There’s something elegant about a classic wine glass, especially for champagne or a wine that should be kept cold so you don’t warm the wine with your hands.

GLENN: Or get cheese smudges on a stemless glass (chuckles).

What are your favorite pairings for barbecues, picnics, brunch, and Mother’s Day luncheons?

GLENN: I’d recommend Zinfandel for a barbecue and a bottle of Cava at a picnic, which is delicious with serrano ham. Champagne is classic for brunch, but Crémant d’Alsace is a reasonably-priced sparkling wine that’s light, lively, and really refreshing.

For a Mother’s Day luncheon a dry rosé is ideal because it’s very flexible — it works well with anything from a niçoise salad to light, grilled fish. Really anything this side of steak.

What would you serve at a blow-your-socks-off dinner party (from beginning to end)?

CHRIS: I’d hand my guests a glass of sparkling wine as a palate cleanser to put everyone in a good mood. Then I’d serve fried coconut shrimp and some other lighter hors d’oeuvres with a Grüner Veltliner, a white wine from Austria that pairs well with food.

With the first course, I’d serve  salad with balsamic vinaigrette along with Zibibbo, a Sicilian white wine that has a nice hint of fruit on the finish. Then we’d roll into jambalaya served with cote-du-rhone, a red from southern France. Finally, I’d end it with creme brulé and a 20-year tawny port.

What do you love about Shipt?

GLENN: You guys are very passionate which is wonderful. You put the extra effort in.

As far as the service, the shoppers are always upbeat, positive, and very accommodating. It’s almost like a concierge service with the text service. I love how you can request exactly how you want your onions.

What are your favorite wine or beer pairings for spring? We’d love to hear from you so comment below! And, if you’re in the Triangle area of North Carolina, place your order from Triangle Wine Co. and get your favorite spring drinks delivered right to your door!

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