Your Enneagram as Brunch Essentials

Spring has sprung and that means it’s finally brunch season. There’s nothing better than hanging with your friends and family over a delicious meal – bonus points if you’re dining al fresco. 

What should you make based on your Enneagram type? Let’s dig in! 

Type 1: The Reformer 

As a Type 1, you’re idealistic and always looking for the perfect moment. You love to savor the finer things in life and appreciate all the hard work that goes into those things. Whether as a starter, side, or a fast mid-morning snack, grab a flaky croissant. You’ll love the layers and layers of carefully crafted deliciousness. Short on time? For a quick alternative to making them from scratch, grab Pillsbury Crescent rolls

Type 2: The Helper 

Type 2s are known as the helpers because they love building others up. As a Type 2, you thrive in environments where you can give to the ones you love. The connections you make with them energizes you and keeps you going. Lean in and create those bonding moments by sharing a platter of fresh fruit salad. Serve it up as an appetizer and indulge in the seasonal freshness. 

Type 3: The Achiever

Known as “The Achiever,” Type 3s thrive when they feel set up for success — when you’re caffeinated, hydrated, and satiated. Brunch is the perfect excuse to knock out all 3 needs at once. Make sure to start your meal with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and you’ll be ready for whatever else the day throws your way. We love Cafe Bustelo for a full-flavor brew. 

Type 4: The Individualist 

As a Type 4, you’re someone who likes to be alone or in your own thoughts. You’re the type of person who thinks deeply and loves to daydream. You appreciate the simple things and know how to romanticize and find meaning in all the little details of your life. You’ll love the simplicity of creating your perfect avocado toast. Remember, you can add whatever topping you like best to build the ultimate experience. 

Type 5: The Investigator 

Always questioning, The Investigator is the type of person who loves to take a step back and observe. You’re somewhat of a wallflower at times and love to soak it all in when you’re around others. You appreciate all things complex, especially when it comes to flavors. You’ll love indulging in a savory and filling bagel with lox. Add an array of spices or a flavored cream cheese for extra layers of flavor. 

Type 6: The Loyalist 

The Loyalist is exactly what it sounds like. You’re someone who appreciates repetition and understands that the classics keep returning for a reason. You’re the kind of person who thrives on family traditions and finds joy in the little things. Your perfect brunch takes inspiration from a traditional all-American breakfast. Feast on the dynamic duo: eggs and bacon

Type 7: The Enthusiast 

Type 7s are typically known as the life of the party. As “The Enthusiast,” you’re known by your crew to be fun-loving, adventurous, and ready for anything. That means you’re the friend who is down for brunch, no matter how late you stayed up the night before. Your perfect brunch addition is a classic adult beverage, a Bloody Mary. If you want to try something a little different, Favorite Day Spicy Bloody Mary mix will hit the spot. 

Type 8: The Challenger 

As a Type 8, you’re confident and know exactly what you like. You’re not shy about your opinions and you know when something is good. For your perfect brunch, you’ll love leaning into both savory and sweet. You’re all about chicken and waffles. It may not be your first thought when you think “breakfast,” but with crispy fried chicken and sugary syrup – it doesn’t get better than that. 

Type 9: The Peacemaker 

Type 9s are known as “The Peacemaker,” because they’re the person at the table who wants to make sure everyone gets along and feels included. As a Type 9, you’re someone who goes out of their way to check in on those you care about and make sure they’re enjoying themselves at gatherings. It’s time you treat yourself and indulge in a delicious could-be-dessert kind of brunch with warm cinnamon rolls. 

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