Your Ultimate Fall Produce Guide

Abundant fall harvests mean bright, new fruits and veggies on your plate. This produce guide will help you pick the best of the bunch, from apples to sweet potatoes.


With over 7,000 varieties, apples are in the running for favorite fall fruit! Whether you’re choosing Red Delicious or Granny Smith, follow these apple picking tips.

Peak season: September

Choose: Shiny, fragrant apples that are firm to the touch

Avoid: Mushy apples with bruising or dull skin

How to use: Enjoy on its own as a snack, or bake in sweet or savory dishes.


Also known as “rocket,” this peppery leafy green makes wonderful fall salads and side 


Peak season: September-December

Choose: Bright, tender leaves

Avoid: Wilting, yellowing, or damp leaves

How to use: Dress with olive oil and pepper for a simple side dish, or toss in hot meals for extra greens.

Brussels sprouts

Don’t forgo these little cabbages! When selected and cooked properly, Brussels sprouts are an amazing addition to any table.

Peak season: October-December

Choose: Small to medium sprouts with compact leaves

Avoid: Yellowing or moldy sprouts

How to use: Roast with balsamic vinegar to bring out natural sweetness.


Bright and distinct, broccoli is a classic favorite for many. This simple veggie works in countless dishes.

Peak season: October-April

Choose: Tightly packed crowns with a bright green color and lack of aroma

Avoid: Limp or yellowing broccoli

How to use: Raw to roasted, broccoli can be cooked nearly any way.


These subtly sweet little fruits are almost too pretty to eat. Fresh figs aren’t around for long, so take advantage while you can!

Peak season: late August-October

Choose: Large figs that are heavy and slightly fragrant

Avoid: Overly soft figs with signs of rot

How to use: Enjoy raw in salads, simmer for compote, or roast for a flavorful side dish.


Sweet and juicy, pomegranates are worth the extra knife work. This jewel-toned fruit brightens up any cozy dish.

Peak season: October-January

Choose: Large and heavy pomegranates with bright to dark skin

Avoid: Blemished skin or perfectly round fruit (a sign of sourness)

How to use: Eat the arils as a snack, or use as garnish for seasonal dishes.

Sweet potatoes

This versatile root vegetable is a staple on your fall table. The possibilities are endless with this bright orange tuber.

Peak season: October-December

Choose: Rounder sweet potatoes that are firm and unblemished

Avoid: Thin or scraggly sweet potatoes with a spongy texture

How to use: Cut into healthy fries, or bake with brown sugar. Sweet or savory works!

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