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Learn the ins and out of implementing the Shipt brand so that your marketing — and the Shipt logo — really shine.

A brand evolved

Meet the Shipt brand. It’s our baby. Our pride and joy. It represents a fresh look at our personal touch to delivery, service and care — and it’s the next chapter in our brand’s story.

Shipt Logo - Wordmark and Symbol
Logo evolution

Our brand has evolved and so has our logo. What started as some simple sketches have grown into the symbol we use today. The logo represents a shopping bag full of good things and a clean simple “S” stroke. And it embodies Shipt and the care we put into each delivery.

Shipt Symbol Evolution
Clear space
Shipt Logo - Clear Space

Let the logo breathe. The area surrounding the logo must be kept free of text, graphics, and away from the edge.

Delivered by Shipt - Partner Lockup

Partner lockup

Shipt and our partners go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here is the “Delivered by” horizontal lock up. If space is tight, use the stacked vertical version. If you need more help, access the “Delivered by” logo kit and partner brand guidelines below to ensure we are making the best PB&J out there.

easy to read

Make sure the Shipt “Delivered by” lockup is easy to read. Plain and simple. If the lock-up is on top of an image, use white or a solid neutral contrasting color as the backdrop.

Shipt delivered by lockup

Brand language

How we talk about Shipt is just as important as how we show it. Here’s some tips on crafting great copy for your partner messaging. You can also download the guidelines for more rules and inspiration below.


Talking about delivery

When you talk about Shipt delivery, make sure it’s clear that Shipt is doing the delivery.

Everything you love about Organic Co., delivered by Shipt.

Same-day delivery, now available from Organic Co.


Using Shipt slogans

While we’re flattered some partners want to use our slogans in their marketing copy, it’s important they are attributed properly to Shipt.

Baby Utopia, delivered by Shipt.

Baby Utopia is over-delivering delivery.


Shipt as a verb

It’s not. Make sure to never use the name Shipt as a verb in your sentence.

Shipt delivers.

Get it Shipt.


Play on words

Resist the temptation to use a play on the name Shipt.

Shipt gives back.

We give a Shipt.

Shipt mobile app logo
Beyond - Shipt Shopper Conference
Shipt Shoppers deliver

Photo assets

Looking for that perfect photo to represent Shipt for your news article, website or marketing materials? Download the images, all cleared for use.


Download the full package.

From top to bottom, we’ve got all the logo and guideline assets seen on this page in one easy-to-use download. Just click and go.

Download it all