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Game Day In Detroit

(with a little help from Shipt & Golden Tate)

4 families. 1 game day. Between crazy schedules, stroke rehabilitation, and activities with the kids, these four families know a clutch game-day play when they see one: getting their favorite groceries delivered by Shipt. But what they don’t know? They’re about to get more than just groceries when they open the door.

Smith family photos with Golden Tate
Smith family photo with Golden Tate

Meet the Smiths

The Smiths stay balanced at home by getting ingredients delivered that keep them healthy and energized during long, busy weeks. Because less time spent at the store means fewer meltdowns and more happy.

“With our busy life...we're constantly running. So it's really, really easy to just say, ‘Hey, you know, let's just stop and get fast food.’ And I feel like it's really important for my kids to eat healthily.”

Idelma photos with Golden Tate
Idelma photo with Golden Tate

Meet Idelma

As a stroke survivor, Idelma knows the importance of adaptation. Using Shipt to avoid the physical strain of shopping for, maneuvering, and unpacking groceries means she can use her energy to cook, spend time with family or friends, and do the things she loves.

“Grocery shopping right now is very difficult for me. The physical stamina it takes, the coordination it takes to get there, to maneuver yourself in the store with other people. Now with Shipt, I truly am free to relax, to hang out with my friends, to do all the things that I want to.”

Weston family photos with Golden Tate
Weston family photo with Golden Tate

Meet the Westons

The Westons are no strangers to juggling multiple busy schedules. Down time at home is precious, and one less errand means everyone gets a chance to decompress after a day of work, school, and countless other activities.

“If we go shopping on a Saturday or Sunday, that's a two-hour event. And to have two hours? Back? Just to spend time with each other or get things done around the house? That's awesome.”

Samson family photos with Golden Tate
Samson family photo with Golden Tate

Meet the Samsons

For the Samsons and their five kids, life moves fast. Everyone is always going in different directions (and everyone always needs snacks). And now, they don’t have to spend half a day (or more) every week at the grocery store.

“We used to have to spend a LOT of time shopping. And when we found out that there was someone who would shop for us, and we would get the same level of service and the same quality of product that we would find, it was game-changing.”

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