React 2018

November 15 - 16
Birmingham, AL

Join Ryan Florence and Shipt for 2 days of hands-on React workshops and networking.

React 2018

Shipt React Conference

Join Ryan Florence for one or two days of intense React training. Attend just one or both days. There’s no better way to get started with React than “React Fundamentals” or take your components to the next level than “Advanced React”.

Day One: React Fundamentals

  • Rendering and React Elements
  • Components and the React composition model
  • Updating UI with state
  • How data flows your app in React
  • Declarative UI through the lens of html forms
  • Real-world examples for all topics
  • Q&A
Who Should Attend?

Beginning React Developers: If you’re just starting out with React, you’ll get the most out of this workshop. You’ll learn everything you need to be able to start being productive in React immediately.

Intermediate React Developers: If you’ve been using React for a while you’ll still gain a lot from this workshop. Your understanding of how React works, how to compose, and how to be more declarative will deepen, making you more productive with React when you get back to work.

Experienced React Developers: You may be interested in attending to boost your vocabulary and approach to helping your team be more productive with React, whether in code reviews or internal training.

Day Two: Advanced React

  • What it means to be declarative
  • Composing behavior and explicit state with Higher-Order Components and Render Props
  • Composing behavior and implicit state with createContext and cloneElement
  • When to use a higher order component vs. a render prop vs. context vs. cloneElement, and the trade-offs that come with each choice
  • New lifecycles and how to get off the old ones
  • Real-world examples for all topics
  • Q&A
Who Should Attend?

Intermediate React Developers: If you’ve been working with React in production for a while and are looking to level up, you stand to learn the most from this workshop. You’ll be more able to write declarative code and reusable components spanning across your project, team, or company.

Experienced React Developers: If you’re a seasoned React developer you’ll walk away with the vocabulary and tools to help teach and lead your team to be successful with React now and in the future. You’ll probably fill in a few gaps in your understanding of React and deepen your understanding of the new lifecycle hooks.

Beginners: If you attended the first day you’ll be ready for the second. Some of it may not sink in immediately but enough of it will that you’ll be months ahead of where you would have been without it. There’s a lot of one-on-one time in these workshops so Ryan can provide you with some extra help.

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