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Megan S.

Shipt helps me have the things my children need for school. Whether it's lunch or snack or a party at the preschool, when I don't have time to go to the store or forget until the night of, Daniel with Shipt is there to save the day!

Madonna M.

I've been a Shipt member for a a couple of months now. I absolutely love it. I hate grocery shopping so this is perfect for me. I'll never go to the grocery store again thanks to Shipt. I loooove that they go to Target and Meijer. Shipt member for life!

Colleen Z.

I use this app all the time for grocery delivery. So convenient and my stuff is always on time. I love how the shoppers text me from the store to see if I forgot anything. I’ve never had an issue!

Terri S.

Personal shoppers that take care to get everything I need ensuring freshness and nice produce. The shoppers are the best!

Andrea E.

Your service has allowed my away-at-college daughter, who has a chronic illness and compromised immune system, to stay indoors! She can order healthier foods rather than living off of take-out.

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Sicily W.

I have been using Shipt for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it! I have a baby that spent time in the NICU when she was born and then had emergency brain surgery at 2 months old. The grocery store is not the place for a sick baby that’s very susceptible to germs! My regular Shipt Lady is Samantha B from Angola IN area and I just love her! We’ve had a few other shoppers deliver as well and they were great too!

Tina S.

I’ve been using Shipt for years and am so grateful for the shoppers during this pandemic! They are so professional and kind. They always go above and beyond with the service they provide.


Yesterday, a @Shipt shopper that delivered for me the previous day, showed up with a pack of toilet paper. I had told her I hadn't been able to buy any in weeks and she was so sweett tto think of us when she found some the next morning. So grateful to her and her kindness!

Phillip M.

I am blind, and this service is amazing! First, and foremost, your app is accessible to me using a screen-reader! This is so incredible because so many apps and shopping websites are not accessible to the blind in those using screen-readers! I had to use it twice within my first week and loved the service, the attention to detail, and the interaction with the shopper! Terrific service which I will spread to my fellow blind peeps! Would love to contact somebody in corporate to find out how we can share this with as many blind people as possible, with perhaps a special deal! Please contact me!

Chris F.

Talk about unsung heroes, your Shipt shoppers qualify. Braving crowds of upset and scared shoppers, I don't have enough words to describe how much they should be praised.

Cynthia A.

This was our first experience with Shipt. We were thrilled with the attention to detail, as she shopped! She offered alternate brands, if the one we requested was out of stock. Lauren is a treasure to us, during this scary time. Thank you for this service!


Shipt shoppers are so important to me and my family at the start of 2020. My daughter received a stem cell transplant and we couldn’t go to the store.Shipt was our life line! It still is. I appreciate this service so much.

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Julie C.

I am over the moon excited that I made the decision to join! Out of milk, worked all day, kiddo dentist appt after and didn't want to head to Target at dinner time. This made my kiddos happy and mama even happier to delicate the task out. It is wonderful to be able to get help from a company that puts the consumer first. Thank you!

Andrea S.

I’m nearing the end of our two-week trial and will definitely be keeping this service! This frees up time for housework, gardening, or just not dealing with the crowds and traffic.

Kaitlyn H.

I was struggling finding time to go grocery shopping as a full-time working mom. Having Shipt allows me to do other chores or play with my son instead of going to the store.

Priscila B.

It’s so convenient for me. I’m not really able to go out and buy groceries and most importantly diapers with my baby. It’s such an amazing service to have. The way Shipt is set up and how your shopper communicates with you is just AMAZING!

Jill Q.

Thank you!!! My 3 year old is high risk and Shipt is what allows us to stay totally home. The shoppers even helped me make his Easter basket special.

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