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Learn all about Shipt Shopper pay – from first-time shopper tips to pro moves for maximizing your earnings, we’ve gathered helpful hints to help you make the most of shopping for Shipt.

How pay works.

It pays to shop.

  • Get paid per order.
  • See estimated pay before selecting a shop.
  • Earn bonus pay and incentives.*
  • Enjoy payday every Friday.
  • Track your earnings in the shopper app.

Decrease shop time

Avg Shop Time/Item
Number of shops

How to earn more.

You can increase your efficiency and grow your business by:

  • Utilize the schedule to receive offers for orders.
  • Plan ahead and review orders before starting to shop.
  • Keeping a close eye on your Shopper Stats to see growth opportunities.
  • Shopping! Practice makes perfect.

As you become more confident in your shopping abilities, your speed, efficiency, and accuracy will generally increase. On average, Shipt Shoppers shop for items 33% faster by their 500th order compared to when they started shopping.

Experience helps you earn more.

As shoppers complete more orders, they tend to see an increase in positive reviews, tips, and overall efficiency. On average, Shipt Shoppers increase their On-Time Percentage by 14% by their 500th order compared to when they started shopping, which can lead to higher tips and member satisfaction.

Increase overall pay

Avg hour pay
Number of shops
Shipt shopper

4 tips for first-time shoppers

  • Set yourself up for success by scheduling your availability at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Plan to arrive at the store a little early for each order to give yourself extra time in case of delays.
  • If you need assistance finding something as you shop, save time by asking for help from store employees.
  • Maximize your time by ensuring all orders for the same delivery window are scheduled for the same store location.
Shopper tips

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