Park the cart and take a drive.

Get behind the wheel of a new opportunity with Shipt! You’ll earn money by loading up packages from a designated Target pick-up location and dropping them off along a delivery route – zero shopping required.

The best part? Enjoy the same level of independence and flexibility you’ve come to know as a shopper, but with way more “me” time to yourself.

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Let’s break it down.

How does driving with Shipt work?

The process for getting routes and completing them is a little different than shopping orders – here’s how it’s done in 4 easy steps.


Reserve your route.

Review the estimated pay, number of stops, and more of each route before reserving to determine if it works for you.


Pick up packages.

Arrive at the designated Target pick-up location at your specified time to retrieve and load your packages.


Hit the road.

Drive along a route while delivering each Target package to its specified destination.


Get paid.

Get paid for each route you complete via direct deposit each Friday or immediately with Instant Pay, once eligible.

Target Last Mile Delivery Front Door Dropoff
Shopping vs driving

How driving differs from shopping.

When you drive routes with Shipt, you’re still your own boss. You’ll also have the same access to the Shipt support team and exclusive Shipt perks.

However, there are a few key differences.

Deliver from Target exclusively.

When you drive with Shipt, you’re only delivering packages from a designated Target pick-up location. That means you’ll know what to expect from route to route more than when you shop from different retailers with different layouts and item selections.

Spend less time on the phone.

While shopping, you’re often actively working with a customer in real time to get their order just right. However, when you drive with Shipt, you’ll have zero customer interaction – you just drop-off their package and move on to the next delivery.

Enjoy more “me” time.

Since you aren’t in a store or interacting with customers, driving with Shipt offers a lot of quality time to yourself in the car. That means catching up on podcasts, jamming out to playlists, or basking in peace and quiet. Your car, your rules!


Find your pick-up spot.

Each day you drive, your first stop will be a designated Target pick-up location, which organizes and processes the packages you’ll deliver.

Use the following address info to find out how far away you are from the center in your area.

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