Shipt Shoppers deliver great service.

Working for Shipt is unlike any other gig economy or independent contractor job out there. Yes, you can deliver for other services, or sign up to drive for a ridesharing service, but what makes delivering for Shipt special is the dedication to customer service every Shipt Shopper brings. At Shipt, our Shopper motto is “Bring the Magic.” We want every grocery delivery to be easy, fast, and seamless, but when it comes to the people involved—our Shipt Shoppers and Shipt customers—we see a lot of magic in the service.

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Shipt Shoppers build trust with customers.

Shopping for groceries and bringing them to someone’s home is a job that requires a lot of trust. As a Shipt Shopper, you’re bringing someone the items they love and are important to them. Sometimes you’re delivering baby food, diapers, or even an important prescription medication. When you work and deliver for Shipt, you’re delivering a little piece of our customers’ lives to them, and that’s definitely something to be proud of.

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Shipt Shoppers have a nationwide community.

When you shop for Shipt, you’re definitely not alone. Aside from Shipt customer service to help you out with every delivery, Shipt Shoppers have banded together online and in person to help each other share tips, tricks, and best practices about shopping for Shipt. For example, the Shipt Shopper Lounge on Facebook is an online community of thousands who work for Shipt, all sharing their experiences, stories of customer service, and the inspiring customers they meet.

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