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10 Best Housewarming Gifts for Every Budget

Whether it’s renting or owning, a new place is a big deal! Help your loved ones celebrate their latest milestone with the best housewarming gifts for any budget. From gadgets to decor, get them everything they want and more.

Gifts under $25

Celebratory sips are a must! This pinot grigio will help them say “cheers” to their new place. Help them protect their new furniture from damage with these modern marble-and-wood coasters. This vanilla sea salt candle will make a new place smell like home. Pet-friendly and zero-maintenance, this faux eucalyptus bundle will brighten up any room.

Gifts under $50

This 16-jar spice rack is the stuff of any home chef’s dreams. A Magic Bullet Blender is the compact kitchen tool they’ve always wanted. It’s Fido’s new home too! Help pets feel comfortable with this modern dog couch.

Gifts under $100

You can’t go wrong with a wood burning fire pit. As a bonus gift, throw in some s’mores supplies! New paint can make indoor air a little unpleasant. This air purifier creates clean, crisp air in any room. If this is their first place, they likely need ALL the essentials. A stoneware dinner set will last them for years to come. Moving is exciting – and stressful. Make their move a little more joyful with same-day delivery on housewarming gifts at shipt.com.