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The perfect instant gift? A Shipt membership.

Give the gift of unlimited deliveries and more free time, with help from personalized shoppers.

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Gift a membership that fits your budget.

Gift memberships may be redeemed by new subscribers only. Cannot be added to an existing subscription.


gift membership


gift membership

Deliveries under $35 with a Shipt membership will incur a $7 fee and applicable service fees per order. All orders with alcohol (where available) may incur a $7 alcohol fee.

Membership benefits that they’ll love.

$0 delivery fee

$0 delivery fee

On every order of $35 or more, they’ll never pay a delivery fee.

Add favorite shoppers

Add favorite shoppers

Create a list of Preferred Shoppers – their favorites who go above and beyond for their order.

Exclusive deals

Exclusive deals

Access to members-only discounts on items and brands they’ll love.

Special requests

Special requests

From last-minute order changes to unique needs, we’ll handle the details.

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Both of the Shipt Gift Membership options include:
  • The 12-month and 6-months Shipt Gift Membership include $0 delivery fee on all orders $35+*
  • Personalized shopping with trusted shoppers
  • The ability to add your favorite shoppers to your Preferred Shoppers list
  • Exclusive deals and discounts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Member-exclusive perks throughout the year
  • Dietary Preferences ranging from Gluten-free to Heart-healthy
  • Special Requests and Back-up Items to help shoppers find specific products
  • And more!

*Deliveries under $35 with a membership will incur a $7 fee. All orders with alcohol (where available) may incur a $7 alcohol fee. Service fees may apply and will vary by retailer and location. See Terms of Service
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