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Enjoy a 14-day free trial with unlimited deliveries.*

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$0 delivery fee

$0 delivery fee

On every order of $35 or more, you’ll never pay a delivery fee.**

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Exclusive deals

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Add favorite shoppers

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24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

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**Deliveries under $35 with a membership will incur a $7 fee. All orders with alcohol (where available) may incur a $7 alcohol fee. Service fees may apply and will vary by retailer and location. See Terms of Service.

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Enjoy unlimited deliveries with a 14-day free trial.*

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What members love about Shipt.

I really love Shipt. The shopper keeps in touch with you the WHOLE TIME! It’s like sending a family member to shop for you. The time I save is worth the cost.

Tracy R.

November 2022

The shoppers that have shopped for me are an absolute delight. I've even had a couple leave one store to go to another just to find what I was looking for.

Brittany C.

January 2023

I have finally put a value on my time. The ease of me ordering online and having it delivered is well worth the cost of membership and tips I provide to shoppers.

Jason K.

January 2023

My preferred shopper does a great job. She is caring, friendly, and always offers me substitutions. She even remembers things I often order but may have forgotten.

Debra B.

April 2023

My usual shopper is so fantastic with efficiency and communication - he sets my mind at ease so much, because I know that he will always pick the best choices.

Julie S.

December 2022

If you’re like me and you don’t like grocery shopping, SHIPT is the ideal way to get your groceries! Plus I pay for membership, so the delivery is free.

Cheryl M.

January 2023

There have been times when last minute visitors showed up & a shopper delivered supplies that saved the day. I like the store options & am happy I have a membership.

Carol K.

March 2023

The personal shoppers have been terrific. Christina is SO proactive, feels like a family member working on my behalf.

John C.

March 2023

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