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3 Delicious Recipes to Make you Love Candy Corn

Candy corn is a controversial treat. Some can’t stand it, while others can’t wait for the first bags to hit the shelves. Whether you love candy corn or love to hate it, these dessert recipes are worth a try. Who knows — you may like them better than the candy!  1. Candy Corn Snack Mix Kettle corn and candy corn meet peanuts and pretzels for the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Try a ratio of 2 cups of kettle corn, 1/2 cup of pretzels, 1/2 cup of mixed nuts, and a 1/4 cup each of candy corn and M&Ms. Mix together for a trail mix treat.  2. Candy Corn Pumpkin Cookies Fill up the cookie jar with soft pumpkin cookies topped with candy corn. Make it extra easy with a pumpkin cookie mix. Our suggestion? Bake cookies until just slightly risen, then top with mini chocolate chips and a few pieces of candy corn. Lightly press the candy into the cookies, then return to the oven until cookies are baked through. Candy will be warm and soft!  3. Candy Corn Fudge Got a sweet tooth? These fudgy bites include candy corn to make them extra festive. We love making a white chocolate fudge with marshmallow creme, adding some food coloring for an autumnal orange, and mixing in a handful of candy corn. The sweet, but mild white chocolate taste lets the candy corn shine! Is it even fall without candy corn? We don’t think so. Get all your Halloween candy must-haves delivered via shipt.com.