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5 Simple Swaps That Make a Big Difference

You don’t need to overhaul your entire life to make a difference for our planet. Switching your single-use products for reusable or recyclable versions is an easy place to start. Bonus – you’ll save money in the long run! Here’s our list of 5 common single-use products that you can easily swap for more eco-friendly versions:  1. Instead of plastic sandwich bags, try reusable silicone bags. Do you cringe when you throw away your plastic sandwich bags? Some people wash and reuse – but you can go a step further and bypass the plastic bags for reusable silicone storage bags. They come in a range of sizes and colors to add some fun to lunch prep.  2. Instead of plastic floss picks, try this reusable metal floss pick. Make your dentist proud and your carbon footprint small by swapping your plastic floss picks with this ultra-cool reusable metal floss pick. The insert is recyclable and can be replaced often for sanitary smiles!  3. Instead of disposable plastic straws, try these colorful stainless steel alternatives. Just say no to plastic straws and reach for a stainless steel option instead. Keep one in your bag for on-the-go drinks – and never pick up a plastic straw again.  4. Instead of traditional incandescent light bulbs, try a cool LED option. Keep your home and the planet cool with these LED light bulbs. They give off a fraction of the heat and use significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. The slightly higher upfront cost is definitely worth it – these bulbs can last years with typical household use.  5. Instead of plastic water bottles, try a reusable water bottle. Ditch the heavy cases of plastic bottles. Make your everyday choice a stainless steel or glass option. You’ll be sippin’ in style as you practice sustainable living! Looking to get started with your sustainable swaps? Let Shipt deliver these reusable essentials to your door.