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6 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough of Lowes Foods

We’re incredibly excited to partner with Lowes Foods in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. From their Carolina roots to house-brewed beer, it practically feels like home. To celebrate our latest partnership, we’re sharing just a few reasons why we can’t get enough of Lowes Foods.

1) The Fresh Rewards program

Being a loyal Lowes member gives you access to great prices, deals, and rewards. It really does pay to shop at one of your favorite places. (Another reason it’s a go-to favorite for the local college crowd!)

2) A variety of preparations for every palate 

From fresh cut veggies to homemade guacamole – you can’t beat a wide variety of fresh produce. The constantly expanding selections, from fresh strawberries in the summer to store-crafted ground sausage with new mustard choices, make us want to keep coming back to see what’s next.

3) Strength in community

Lowes Foods is dedicated to battling food insecurity in Winston-Salem. Their annual Friends Feeding Friends program is the largest food drive in North Carolina, having provided more than 15 million meals to date!

4) Specialty options

Whatever it is you’re looking for, odds are Lowes has it. We’re talking fresh squeezed juice, garden plants, coffee and tea, a bakery, a cakery, a smoking oven – the list goes on. There’s even a sausage factory (run by a Sausage Professor!) that makes in-house sausages. We also love the Pick & Prep station, where you can get your veggies pre-cut to make meal prep even easier.


5) Locally sourced products

Since 1954, Lowes Foods has been true to their North Carolina roots. As a participant in the NC 10% campaign, they’ve pledged to source at least 10% of their purchases from North Carolina. Even their meat is born and raised in the state!

6) Beer and cider on tap 

When your grocer has in-store craft beer and cider on tap – plus endless options from their wine bar – you can’t help but love it that much more. We are jumping for joy over this new partnership and you should too! Avoid the traffic, find a good read, and relax this summer while we do the shopping. Go to Shipt.com/Lowes-Foods for a special deal today! What are you going to do with all your free time this summer?