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10 Refreshing Seltzers to Cool Off This Summer

So many seltzers, so little time. With summer quickly approaching, it’s definitely seltzer season! Whether spiked or dry, these fizzy and fruity drinks are sure to pair well with whatever you have planned for the day. Let’s dive in! 

Mango White Claw - Most Refreshing 

ABV: 5%  Why we love it: Portable, easy to sip, and totally delicious Flavor profile: Fantastically fruity  Pair with: A beach day With the alcohol content of a typical beer and a light and refreshing flavor, you’ll be reminiscing on your college spring break days in no time. After all, “there ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws.” 

Strawberry and Cucumber AHA - Most Relaxing 

Nonalcoholic  Why we love it: No sweeteners, no sodium, no calories Flavor profile: Beautifully bright  Pair with: At-home spa day Treat yourself to a nonalcoholic sparkling water that tastes as good as taking a self-care day feels. With sweet strawberry and refreshing cucumber flavors, you’ll feel transported to a fancy spa. 

Lemon Tea Truly - Best All Around

ABV: 5%  Why we love it: Incorporates real, brewed tea Flavor profile: Really refreshing Pair with: A day on the lake  Sitting near the water after a long day of play on the lake is the perfect opportunity to sip on something refreshing. Grab a can that’s part fruit, part tea, and totally delicious. 

Pineapple Spindrift - Best to Beat the Heat 

Nonalcoholic Why we love it: Made with real fruit juice  Flavor profile: Totally tart  Pair with: Grilling  Wash down savory and spicy food with this tart and mega-refreshing sparkling water. The real fruit flavor will cleanse your palate so you’re ready for the next course. 

Blueberry Pomegranate Vizzy - Best Bubbles 

ABV: 5% Why we love it: Full of Vitamin C and antioxidants Flavor profile: Fabulously fruity  Pair with: Bonfire night  This lightly sweet and tart bubbly water brings on the good vibes and pairs perfectly with a night around the fire. Cheers to summer evenings! 

Hibiscus LaCroix - Most Tropical 

Nonalcoholic  Why we love it: Popular in tech startup breakrooms  Flavor profile: Thoroughly tropical  Pair with: Friday afternoon lunch This tropical-inspired sparkling water will transport you to the mental vacation you’ve been craving. Drink these when you’re ready to clock out on a summer Friday afternoon. 

Peach Pear Michelob Ultra - Most Balanced 

ABV: 4%  Why we love it: Organic Flavor profile: Cool and crisp  Pair with: Outdoor dining  Half peach, half pear, this perfectly balanced flavor creates a seltzer that’s easy to sip and pair with apps or snacks when dining al fresco. 

Grape Waterloo - Most Nostalgic  

Nonalcoholic  Why we love it: Zero sugars  Flavor profile: Gloriously grapey  Pair with: Outdoor playtime You’ll feel like a kid again when you sip on this grape-soda-inspired sparkling water. Whether you’re supervising kiddos or playing along, this pairs perfectly with running through sprinklers or chalk drawing. 

Tangy Lemon Lime Topo Chico - Most Classic

ABV: 4.7% Why we love it: Featuring Topo Chico® Mineral Water Flavor Profile: Exquisitely citrusy   Pair with: A perfect picnic This drink is a great blend of the classic flavor of Topo Chico® Mineral Water and tart lemon and lime flavor. It’s the perfect beverage to take to a picnic with your besties. 

Blood Orange Grapefruit Bubly Bounce - Best Energizer 

Nonalcoholic  Why we love it: Includes caffeine Flavor profile: Sweetly citrusy  Pair with: Your midafternoon snack Need to perk up in the afternoon? Add this caffeinated sparkling water to your snack spread so you can kick the 3 p.m. sleepies and tackle the rest of the day.  Whether you’re looking for spiked seltzers or simply sparkling water, get your fruity refreshments delivered right to your door with ShiptAlcohol delivery is available in select areas and varies by retailer. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to order or receive alcohol. Shipt credits cannot be applied to alcohol items. Alcohol inventory varies by retailer.