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8 Ways to Win Holiday Shopping with Shipt

Holiday shopping can be stressful and this year is no exception. With increased online shopping and expected shipping delays, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. The good news? You’ve got Shipt. Check out these 8 ways to keep your holiday shopping merry – all season long.  1. Keep your phone handy With more in-store traffic, some items may be out of stock. Keep your phone close so you can help your shopper make the best substitution decisions.  2. Choose backup items In the spirit of substitutions, get exactly what you want by selecting a backup item. If your first choice item isn’t available, your shopper will automatically know what to choose next.  3. Add notes on items Get your bananas – or whatever else – just right by adding item notes when you place your order. Your shopper will contact you if they have questions.  4. Ask for a gift receipt  Shopping for someone else? Shipt can help with that, too. Simply ask your shopper to include a gift receipt for any general merchandise items you’ll be gifting.   5. Skip the gift cards We love being your holiday helper, but shoppers aren’t able to purchase gift cards – except Shipt gift cards, of course! Opt for a present and a gift receipt instead.  6. Double-check weighted items When shopping for weighted items, like turkey or ham, double-check the weight that you’ve selected to ensure you end up with the right amount.  7. Beware of purchase limitations Some seasonal items may have in-store purchase limitations. We recommend checking with your local retailer to be sure you can get what you need.  8. Order non-perishables early  Beat the crowd and order all non-perishable ingredients for your meal early. Popular items may run out of stock (looking at you, French’s® Crispy Fried Onions). The holiday hustle and bustle is no match for you when you have Shipt by your side. Skip the trip to the store and get everything you need to celebrate your way, delivered.