Promotional Credit Terms

These Promotional Credit Terms are subject to and incorporate the Shipt’s Terms of Service (as posted on our website from time to time) by reference in their entirety, including but not limited to our right to monitor and terminate your Shipt account in our discretion. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY. YOU AGREE THAT, BY USING OUR WEBSITE, WWW.SHIPT.COM, OR OUR MOBILE APPLICATION (COLLECTIVELY, THE “SITE”), YOU ACCEPT TO AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE PROMOTIONAL CREDIT TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE PROMOTIONAL CREDIT TERMS, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SITE.

Promotional Credits Generally.

From time to time, we may, in our sole discretion, offer promotional credits to our members (any such credits, the “Promotional Credits”) when members buy certain eligible products (the “Products”) in a dollar amount specified by us (the “Spend Amount”) using the Site. The Promotional Credits will typically be automatically applied to a future order the member places on the Site and will generally expire three (3) months after they are credited to the member’s Shipt account. We do not guarantee that we will run any promotional offers or that any promotional offers will remain open and valid for any particular period of time. 

Granting of Promotional Credits to Members

Shipt will grant the Promotional Credits to members who, between the applicable promotion’s start date and end date

  1. Place a Shipt order containing Products in the applicable Spend Amount.
  2. After placing a Shipt order, update such order (consistent with any existing terms of service, restrictions on updating orders, or similar policies) to contain Products in the applicable Spend Amount, including any promotion effective at the time the initial order was placed or that becomes effective prior to the member updating the initial order and remains effective at the time the member updates the initial order.

Regarding (1) and (2) above, the member will still receive Promotional Credits even if Shipt shopper substitutions or omissions cause the order to fail to contain the Products in the Spend Amount.

Shipt will not grant Promotional Credits to the extent a member, between the time the order is placed and fulfilled by Shipt, cancels or modifies an order in a manner that results in the order failing to contain Products in the Spend Amount.

Termination of Previously Granted Credits

If a member cancels their qualifying order after its delivery by Shipt or refuses to accept such order, any Promotional Credits granted to the member will automatically terminate. Any previously granted Promotional Credits will also terminate upon any termination of your Shipt account, whether by us or otherwise.

Changes to the Promotional Credit Terms

Shipt reserves the right to change any of the foregoing Promotional Offer Terms at any time, with or without notice, in its sole discretion. When and if we decide to make changes, we will post the most current version anywhere these Promotional Offer Terms are posted by us to the public. Changes are effective immediately upon our posting and apply to all orders placed after such effectiveness.

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