Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Happy MLK Day! On the third Monday of January, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a cornerstone of the Civil Rights Movement. As a compelling leader, he advocated against violence, racism, poverty, and more. We’re so grateful for the wisdom he shared with the world, and we will continue the fight against injustice. How […]

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Snack Smarter With a Healthy Spin on Dessert

Healthy dessert: Sounds like an oxymoron, right? LÄRABAR makes it possible. With just a couple of modifications to these 100% natural snacks – made from nothing but fruits, nuts, spices, and sometimes chocolate chips – you can satisfy your sweet tooth more healthfully. These Whole30 friendly bites are great on the go or as an […]

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Shipt Sips: 3 Must-Try Mocktails

After 2020, we all could use a fresh start and Dry January is the perfect way to hit the refresh button. Whether you’re actively participating in Dry January or just want to get creative with new flavors, we’ve got you covered.  Join our in-house master mocktail mixologist, Matt B., in making 3 simple mocktails. Carda-Pom […]

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Shipt Sips: The Little Un-Gin That Could

If you like dry, flavorful drinks, this mocktail is for you. Inspired by a gin and tonic. With a spiced simple syrup, a splash of tonic water, and a lime garnish, this mocktail checks all the boxes.  Use this recipe as a starting point and don’t be afraid to get creative and mix up the […]

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Shipt Sips: Cran-Orange Shrub and Soda

A shrub is concentrated fruit syrup made with sugar and vinegar. Shrubs are typically left to steep overnight, but if you want maximum flavor payoff, we recommend leaving it for 48 hours.  Once you know the process, you can substitute for any fruit you prefer to create your perfect sips. Get creative and enjoy this […]

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Shipt Sips: Carda-Pom Ginger Mule

The 4 most important elements of any cocktail (or mocktail) are a base, an acid, a mixer, and a garnish. This pomegranate mule brings the perfect balance of flavors from the warm ginger to sour-sweet pomegranate.  Use this recipe as a base and get creative by swapping ingredients to create entirely new flavors all Dry […]

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