Handpicked Horoscopes: April Edition

It’s Aries season, folks! 🔥 Fire sign energy is giving us all major confidence and drive. This newfound conviction will help guide us in reaching our personal and environmental goals.  Whether you want to try a new eco-friendly option or are looking for a way to green-up your routine, these everyday essentials will bring out […]

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5 Habits to Reduce Food Waste, Right Now

Did you know we toss out nearly 40% of the U.S. food supply? Food waste in this country is excessive, expensive, and environmentally harmful. The good news: We can all do our part to help reduce it.  Follow our 5 tips to stretch your budget, and lessen your carbon footprint, and cut food waste. (We’re […]

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Sustainable Living with Lauren Singer

This Earth Month, we’re committed to exploring sustainable living. Did you know the US is the number one waste generating country in the world, with about 5 pounds of waste per person generated each year? That’s why we’re teaming up with Lauren Singer, a zero-waste advocate at Trash is for Tossers and CEO of the […]

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Popular Basketball Snacks: A State-by-State Breakdown

College basketball is back, baby! That means more brackets, more upsets, more buzzer-beaters, and – our favorite part – more snacks. While we can’t predict who’ll be cutting down the nets, we can predict the noshes that’ll be served. Of course, that depends on where you live.  After analyzing data from the 2019 season, we […]

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Cooking Together: Kelly’s Roman Seafood Chowder

We’re celebrating women who run the world – from the boardroom to the dining room. And when in Rome, do as the Carusos do! Making a big helping of Roman seafood chowder is always the right choice for Shipt CEO Kelly Caruso and her husband, Giuseppe. This delicious combination of fish, potatoes, and vegetables is […]

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Food for Thought: Irish Coffee’s Stormy Origins

It was a dark and stormy night. After spending a few hours navigating through rough darkness, the captain of a flight full of American passengers made the call to return to the small airbase in Foynes, Ireland where they’d taken off. Joe Sheridan, the head chef of the Foynes kitchen, received a request to whip […]

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Shopper Spotlight: Business Owner Melissa S.

With a big smile, shopper Melissa S. of Minneapolis admits, “Chaos…. is what I thrive in.” Between being a mom of two (three, with her fur baby!), a shopper, and a business owner, Melissa certainly keeps busy. She proclaims that her normal day is “always chaos” but what makes it worth it is the little […]

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