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Why shoppers or drivers may lose access to the shopper app

This webpage is dedicated to providing transparency regarding losing access to the shopper app, and identifying some of the most common situations that can lead to the loss of access. For information regarding an appeal of a deactivation decision, please click here.

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Community Standards

At Shipt, the safety and well-being of our community is a priority. It is integral to us that shoppers and drivers feel safe and respected while completing orders or services through the Shipt platform, that our retail partners feel comfortable while interacting with our shoppers and drivers, and that customers feel secure while utilizing the Shipt service. Any behavior that violates or threatens the safety of a community member will result in action being taken - in line with the severity of the behavior, up to and including deactivation. Shipt has an established framework to review and take action on reported Community Standard violations. Shipt does not make the decision to take action on a shopper or driver lightly, and all decisions are made after an investigation performed by dedicated teams. Shoppers and drivers are empowered to also report behavior that violates these standards to Shipt. Please know that Shipt will never discourage any shopper or driver from making a good faith report regarding any potential safety incident.  There may be instances in which shoppers and drivers with Shipt lose access to the shopper app due to a violation of the Shopper Agreement, Driver Agreement, and/or Shopper App Access Guidelines ("SAAG"), or for account security reasons. The definitions below outline the three different scenarios in which a shopper or driver may lose access to the shopper app.




A status when access to the shopper app is permanently revoked for violation of the standards located in the Independent Contractor Agreement and incorporated SAAG.

Account Suspension

Account Suspension

A status used during an ongoing investigation of a potential violation of the standards found in the Independent Contractor Agreement and incorporated SAAG.

Account Lock

Account Lock

A status when a security measure or inactivity prevents a shopper or driver from logging into the shopper app. To discuss unlocking the account, call 205-502-2500.

Standards of Service

As a platform that connects people, it’s extremely important to Shipt that everyone feels respected and supported while engaging on the Shipt platform. Violations of the following standards can result in action being taken against a shopper or driver’s account; including reminders and opportunities for ongoing education, written warnings, and loss of access to the shopper app. The type of action taken will depend on the severity and type of violation.

Explicit and profane language or gestures, exhibiting verbal or non-verbal behavior that causes others to feel unsafe or threatened, asking personal or invasive questions, not respecting others’ boundaries, or harassing customers regarding orders including tips. 

Maintaining a Safe Environment

Safety is paramount at Shipt. Engaging in behavior that threatens the safety of customers, other shoppers or drivers, retailers and their employees, Shipt HQ employees, or community members may result in deactivation of a shopper or driver’s account. In some circumstances, to ensure the continued safety of the Shipt platform and community, a shopper or driver’s account can be suspended while a report is investigated by a dedicated team.

Unwanted contact that could be perceived as harassment, including returning to a delivery location without authorization, calling, texting, social media contact, sharing personally identifying information without consent, or taking unauthorized photos.  

Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

All shoppers and drivers are required to follow all local, state, and federal laws while on the shopper app. Failure to do so may result in deactivation of a shopper or driver’s account. 

Violation of traffic laws, such as driving in a reckless or unsafe manner while on the shopper app. 

Engaging in Fraudulent Behavior or Abuse of the Platform

Customers put an incredible amount of trust in shoppers and drivers to deliver personal items like food, home goods, and more to their homes and places of business. As such, they expect shoppers and drivers to shop and/or deliver with integrity and honesty. Violating this sense of trust with fraudulent, dishonest or deceptive behavior will not be tolerated. Engaging in any of the following may result in deactivation of a shoppers or drivers’ account: 

Theft of goods, services, property, or merchandise from a retailer, customer, or community member; purchasing unauthorized merchandise or goods with the Shipt debit card; processing unauthorized transactions, substitutions, or purchases. 

Target Last Mile Delivery Standards

As owner of the Sortation Centers, Target has created a set of rules that are designed to promote the safety of TLMD Drivers, all carriers, team members, and the Shipt community.  Accordingly, all TLMD Drivers are expected to comply with Target’s Sortation Center standards in addition to the applicable community standards stated above. Failure to comply with the following standards may result in deactivation: 

When in a Sortation Center, TLMD Drivers must wear a safety vest outside of the vehicle and closed toe shoes.

Appeal Deactivation

If a shopper or driver believes they have been improperly deactivated from the shopper app, the shopper or driver must complete the Appeal form here. When completing the Appeal form, please be prepared to upload any documentation that you would like for Shipt's review team to consider. Any documents submitted outside of this form will not be reviewed during the appeal process.

Appeal Form