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10 Questions with Ranjith Kumar N., Senior Mobile Developer

From shoppers to members to engineers, marketers, and our shopper appreciation team, it’s the people who make Shipt, Shipt. In this series, we get to know the members of our diverse community, from their shopping list staples to their dream deliveries.

When was the last time you fired up the Shipt app? Next time you do, we hope you’ll think of Ranjith, our senior mobile developer who’s responsible for the app’s experience, functionality, and accessibility. Ranjith and his team help keep Shipt running every day thanks to their problem solving, troubleshooting, and complex computer engineering work. Keep reading to learn more about Ranjith’s fun-filled first week at Shipt and favorite homemade South Indian meal.

Shipt | Shipt Headquarters | Ranjith | Software engineer | engineer | culture

Shipt | Shipt Headquarters | Ranjith | Software engineer | engineer | culture

What excites you most about your job?

Part of why I love my role as a mobile developer so much is because I’ve always been good at problem-solving. The satisfaction of being able to solve and complete complex tasks keeps me on my toes. What really excites me the most about my role at Shipt is the ability to always learn more from my team.

You’re making a PB&J. White or wheat? Crunchy or creamy? Strawberry or grape jelly? Any wacky ingredients on top (bacon, pickles, etc.)?

Personally, I like mine with a spicy twist. I always go with wheat bread, crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jelly, but then I top it off with jalapenos and onions. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!

What’s your favorite meal to make for or enjoy with your family?

Our go to family favorite is a homemade South Indian style Thali (or a platter). It contains rice, dal, vegetables, sambhar, paapad, curd (yogurt), chutney or pickle and a sweet dish to top it off.

What’s the photo on your homescreen?

A photo of me holding my two dearest nieces up on my shoulders. Makes me smile everytime I look at it.

What does your typical day look like?

No day is exactly alike, but every morning I wake up with a determination to always be learning. My constant goal is to find new ways to contribute to the best of my ability and make a real impact on whatever it is I’m working on.

If you could deliver groceries to anyone in the world, who would it be?

Mr. Narendera Modi, the current prime minister of India and my native country. I admire his tenacity, leadership and enthusiasm towards the wellbeing of his country. He has a strong love for technology (which I can relate to!) and is a true individual with great values and respect for tradition. Delivering groceries to him would make me both happy and proud. I can’t think of a more deserving person.

What’s your secret weapon?

Always having compassion in any situation and boundless empathy for others.

What’s your favorite Shipt memory?

The first two weeks of Shipt life! It was full of too many ping pong games to count and tons of delicious food. We had other new hires and colleagues in town from the Birmingham office every day for two weeks. It was great to meet them and spend time getting to know each other in real life as we work together so closely, just halfway across the country.

What’s been your favorite project that you’ve worked on at Shipt?

The one I’m working on right now has actually been my favorite one so far— accessibility. We are currently working to make our Member app accessible to everyone, regardless of disability or special needs. In a world where 15% of the population has some kind of disability, our goal is to create an inclusive community of people with physical, mobility, visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities. Being able to make the mobile app 100% accessible will be something I will cherish for a lifetime.

I love working at Shipt because…

The tenacity of my team and the absolutely amazing people I get to work with every day.

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