10 Reasons We Love Our Shoppers

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to the ones you love most. And for Shipt, our shoppers are the ones we look to for admiration and inspiration. So we’re dedicating this Valentine’s Day to Shipt Shoppers across the country. 

1. They Deliver with Care 

One thing we’re always hearing from members is that Shipt Shoppers grocery shop for you exactly as they would for themselves. They’re experts of the aisles, hand-picking the freshest produce and ingredients and getting members the best prices. They also communicate in real-time every step of the way to give members a heads up on out of stock items so they can make a substitution. That’s a huge testament to how much they care about making the delivery experience something to love. It’s a ton of hard work, expertise, and dedication — and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed! 

2. They are Really Strong  

Those bags of groceries don’t deliver themselves. Whether it’s carrying your weekly groceries or lugging 300 gallons of milk to an event (true story) our shoppers are strong. Like, really strong. 💪We just imagine they have Kanye West’s “POWER” on replay in their headphones, cause they show us their tremendous power every day. 

3. They Give Back to Their Communities (and Build Them, Too) 

Every day we’re awe-struck to see how our Shipt Shoppers give back to their neighbors, cities, and even fellow shoppers. From donating their time to charity to supporting other shoppers, Shipt is chock full of incredible tales of the shopper community going out of their way to make things better. You’d be hard-pressed to find another group of people who care as much as our shoppers. It brings a tear to our eyes just thinking about it. 

4. They Have Many, Many Talents 

Being the foremost experts on grocery shopping is just one of the many skills our talented shoppers possess. From entrepreneurs to writers, chefs, nurses, Instagrammers, and even one ballroom dancer (so we hear) — our shoppers come from myriad walks of life. We’re honored to celebrate this diverse and talented group of folks, and truly humbled to call them part of our Shipt family. 

5. They Save the Day 

If you’ve ever forgotten a key ingredient or item for an imminent get-together, then you know that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach. Not to fear though, our members tell us that shoppers have saved them from many snafus — going the extra mile (or sometimes, many extra miles) to deliver what they need, and fast. On one particularly hot day, we even heard of a shopper who was heralded to a standing ovation from an entire office after delivering boxes of LaCroix. Bravo, shoppers! 

6. They Lift Each Other Up 

At Shipt, we’re all about lifting up our communities. But that doesn’t just come from us, it’s our shoppers across the U.S. who embody those values every single day and make a difference. This includes helping their peers in the Shipt community as well. We’ve heard some truly inspiring stories about holiday surprises, support groups for cancer survivors, and giving aid after a natural disaster from our shopper communities. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these incredible stories for yourself to gain a greater appreciation for the shoppers! 

7. They Are Awesome Parents

Shipt was created by a parent hoping to simplify life for families like his across the country. So this one really warms our hearts! Many of our Shipt Shoppers don’t just take care when it comes to shopping, they take care of families and kids too! And they do an incredible job. Spend some time with our shoppers like Paul H. from Birmingham to see exactly what we’re talking about. 

8. They are Supporting Local Food Banks 

It may be hard to imagine anyone in America going hungry, and Shipt Shoppers are hard at work volunteering in local food banks to fight food insecurity. Across the country, our shoppers are coordinating projects with Feeding America (the largest hunger-relief organization in the country) to help with food donations, meal deliveries, and much more. Thanks to them, hundreds of thousands of meals went to those in need last year. Check out how metro leads Dian H. in Indianapolis and Linda N. in Tampa led the charge in the fight against food insecurity in their communities last year. 

9. They are Adventurous 

Our Shipt Shoppers are brave and adventurous at heart. Whether it’s tackling a daunting grocery list or setting out on a road trip to shop in 10 states over 5 days — no challenge is too big to overcome these bold spirits! 

10. They Go Above and Beyond 

This last one is our favorite. No matter what they’re doing, our shoppers have a penchant for going above and beyond. Take for example shopper Deb G. from Dallas-Fort Worth, who regularly takes orders to housebound seniors. For years, she’s gone above and beyond the call to help members that are no longer able to get out as often or easily as they once — helping them unpack the groceries and putting them all away in their homes. She is close friends with many of her members now, and loves to take a few extra minutes to visit with the folks she delivers to. 

These are just a few of the things we love the most about our shoppers. What are do you love the most about your shoppers. Let them know and show your appreciation in the comments below!

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