Shipt National Good Neighbor Day

15 Ways to Make Your Neighbor’s Day!

Mr. Rogers got it right when he said, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!”

The calendar hanging on your fridge is already filled with soccer practices, piano lessons, jury duties, work and social gatherings. However we need to squeeze in one more celebration for before the month ends! September 28th is recognized as National Good Neighbor Day, established by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 to highlight the importance of compassion and community development in an increasingly busy world.

Sometimes the world feels bigger, sometimes smaller today depending on who you ask. However, what determines the size of our world are the ones we choose to share it with. The bus driver, the mailman, your crazy aunt. Every person you encounter throughout your daily routine is a key component to your life! Let’s celebrate because earth would be a lot less fun without them!

Shipt is challenging you to get involved in the community and put a smile on someone’s face. A simple act of kindness can take someone’s ordinary day to extraordinary! Plus we think you will feel pretty great too! Our main focus at Shipt is to give back time, so our community can enjoy doing more of the things they love. So take back an extra hour this week by letting Shipt get the groceries, and spend it where it counts–with those closest to you.

Pick from a list of our favorite 15 acts of kindness that can be done in under one hour or make up your own!

15 simple ways you can make your neighbor’s day in under one hour!

    • Bring donuts or other delicious sweets to work
    • Leave a nice comment on Facebook
    • Write a letter (or at least an email!)
    • Walk the cart back to the front of the store
    • Leave heads up pennies in public places
    • Go to your neighbor’s kid’s event
    • Plan the perfect dinner party
    • Be inviting – Ask people to do something with you
    • Leave good books (or other nice stuff) for your fellow apartment dwellers to take from your shared common spaces
    • Let someone else have your seat on the crowded bus, light-rail or subway
    • Drop quarters on the sidewalk for people to find
    • Guerrilla gardening: Find out what flowers your neighbor really likes. Plant them in the border between your yards
    • Volunteer for a charity you like
    • Help that stressed parent by offering to babysit
  • Send free groceries. Already a Shipt member? Use your custom referral link and send $10 in free groceries.

Shipt loves giving back to the communities we operate in.  This month we participated in Hunger Action Month by price matching select items in the app and then contributing those proceeds toward our members’ local Feeding America food bank. We admire the hard work and compassion we see everyday through our shoppers and members at Shipt! Thank you all for being rockstars!

Shipt participating in National Good Neighbor Day

“I sent my friend groceries from Nashville to Phoenix to cheer her up one time. Her boys loved all the treats and goodies! So glad the service was available for it!” -Krista T. (member)

“I shopped for a lady who lives in an assisted living facility and she couldn’t get out much. I was very happy to be able to shop for her. She is the sweetest lady you could ever meet!”
– Kayley H. (shopper)

Get to know your neighbor, We’ll get the groceries. Refer your neighbor and you both get $10 off your next Shipt order! 

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