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5 Soulful Recipes That You’ll Want to Make on Repeat

From savory cornbread dressing to sticky-sweet orange rolls, consider this a Black History Month virtual potluck – and all of the favorites are here. With the help of our HQ teammates, we rounded up recipes (and food memories) that embrace tradition, culture, and, of course, soul.  If you try your hand at making one of these recipes for your next Sunday dinner, don’t forget the most important secret ingredient: love.   1. Cream Cheese Cinnamon-Orange Rolls "My momma makes the best orange rolls on the planet. Whenever family comes into town, the first question they frantically ask, even before putting their luggage down, is “Where are the orange rolls?” My papa tries to claim the roll in the center for himself every time.” - Alyson M., office assistant Get the recipe.  2. Cornbread Dressing  “My dad's dressing is at every holiday event.” - Korey W., experience team Get the recipe.  3. Red Velvet Cake “My mom's Red Velvet Cake is one of my family's favorite desserts. She makes it several times a year for family dinners, holidays, and birthdays. The recipe was given to her by a close friend's mom and she has perfected it over the years. No one, including me, tries to make it for fear it won't be as good as hers!” - Bree J., shopper operations senior specialist Get the recipe.  4. Lemon Pound Cake “My mom's Lemon Pound Cake is a tradition in our family – we always have it at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. I learned to make it from my mom and it's something my household is always begging for.” - Ashley H., shopper operations senior specialist Get the recipe.  5. Classic Meatloaf “My mom’s meatloaf is my go-to to make anyone feel comforted or loved. It’s such a comfort food staple that many people hate until they give hers a try.” - Tamera S., partner success coordinator  Get the recipe. Eager for these homestyle favorites? Get all the fresh ingredients delivered with shipt.com.