6 Thanksgiving Recipes from Our Families to Yours

Family recipes always add a personal touch to the holiday season. Everyone’s Thanksgiving tables are unique just like our families – and we’re thankful for that! In the spirit of the holidays, here are 6 family recipes from our Shipt shoppers and HQ employees. Your family will love these too!

 1. Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Reed S. ●  Shopper Communications Copywriter 

In Reed’s family, macaroni and cheese is the dish they wait all year long for. Try this version stuffed with cottage cheese to please from your family too!

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 2. Southern Buttermilk Pie

Madison B. ●  Lead Social Media Response Specialist

With a professional chef as a father, Madison grew up with tons of delicious food. Her sister loves buttermilk pie, so her dad perfected this recipe back in the 90s.

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 3. Sweet Potato Casserole

Tom B. ● Shipt Shopper

Say hello to the Alabama recipe that Tom knows by heart. He first tried this dessert when his sister-in-law made it with a pecan and brown sugar topping. 

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 4. Bourbon Apple Cider

Walt T. ●  Director of Employee Experience 

Walt’s family has loved bourbon and Martinelli brand apple juice for years. To bring the two together, he makes this spiked apple drink every Thanksgiving. 

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 5. Corn Casserole

Samantha S. ●  Shipt Shopper

Need some cooking inspiration? Samantha’s family can’t get enough of Paula Deen’s recipe for corn casserole. You can add your special own twist to this one too!

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 6. Sweet Meatballs

Jen G. ●  Shipt Shopper

While growing, Jen’s family created their own hybrid holiday menu, filling the table with both Korean and American dishes like turkey, stuffing, and … meatballs in sweet gravy.

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